Academic Success Workshops

Partnering with Faculty

Help your students achieve success through targeted workshops offered by the Academic Success Center. Topics covered include study skills, metacognition, motivation, goal setting, and time management. See the list below for the specific workshops we offer.

The Academic Success Center has worked with departments such as Nursing, Education, and Biology, and we look forward to collaborating with your department as well!

For more information or to schedule a workshop for your class or department, please email

Spring 2018 Workshop Series

February 15 | Club Sports | Lahaye Ice Arena Conference Room

  • "Overcoming Procrastination/Bossing your Calendar" - Denise Green

March 14 | Psychology Department | Event Location - DH 1284

  • "How to Thrive Not Just Survive Academically" - Dr. Roger Mackey

April 5 | School of Government | DH 1286

  • "Your Shirt's on Backwards-Metacognition" - Dan Berkenkemper

Available Workshops

Your Shirt's on Backwards: Metacognition and the Dunning-Kruger Effect in the Classroom

Reading/Critical Thinking/Study Skills

This presentation will examine the Dunning-Kruger Effect and explain the important implications strong metacognition in the classroom and effective study strategies to increase student metacognition.

How to Thrive Not Just Survive Academically

Motivation/Study Skills/Academic Success

This presentation will offer motivation, study tips and life lessons to help students be more successful in academics and in life. The objective is to help them THRIVE, not just SURVIVE!

Overcoming Procrastination/Bossing your Calendar

Procrastination and Time Management

This presentation addresses one of the worst enemies of college students- procrastination! We will help students explore their own study habits and give them tips to help them overcome bad habits, develop new habits and begin to “boss” their own calendars!

Name It and Claim It

Goal Setting/Motivation

It is quite evident that students who are intrinsically motivated and have clearly determined goals have a greater chance of being successful in their academic pursuits. This presentation will allow students the opportunity to refine their goals while offering suggestions and tips for increasing the motivation to finish their degree.

Taming Test Taking Errors

Mindset/Time Commitments/Test Taking

This presentation will offer tips on how to handle test anxiety, preparation, and strategies during testing, and reflection after the fact. The goal is for the student to be more systematic when tackling tests.

Spaced Repetition & the Leitner System

Memorizing large amounts of information

This presentation will explain the importance of spaced repetition for long-term retention and the use of the Leitner System, a flash card system that is often used in conjunction with spaced repetition for memorizing large amounts of information.  

Finding Your Passion, Living Your Purpose

Personal Growth & Goal Setting

In this presentation, we will help students who are trying to figure out their futures, but don’t know where to start. We will help students understand that there is no “conventional route to success,” but instead students will discover that success can be achieved through their passion and God-given 

Writing Workshops

Starting on the Right Foot: Narrowing your essay topic

This seminar will focus on how to generate paper topics from research questions, as well as how to narrow down your topic to the scope of your assignment. We will also cover academic specificity by discussing how to write for a particular audience at the graduate level.  

Graduate Level Research Methods

Students will discuss how to research properly at the Graduate level, what sources are/are not acceptable, and how to organize research for ease of access during the paper-writing process. Additionally, we will discuss how to brainstorm for your topic, outlining strategies, and how to prioritize which information to leave on the cutting room floor.

Ending Well: Revision & Proofreading Strategies

This seminar focuses on the final stretches of writing your paper. We will discuss how to effectively revise and proofread your writing. We will talk about the drafting process, as well as strategies for spotting grammar errors.

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