Conversational Arabic

Course Description

Learn the language basics including common phrases and sentences that will help you communicate with people from the Middle East.

Discover interesting facts about the culture and people such as everyday etiquette, social conventions, worldviews, politics, and religion.

Complete this seven-week, non-credit course and earn a 1.0 CEU certificate (Continuing Education Unit) from Liberty University.

Open to all, including the general public!  Available on campus only.

Instructor - Rob Morehouse

Robert Morehouse’s passion for the Arabic language (as well as the cultures, religions, and history of the Middle East) began as an undergraduate student of history and religion. He was intrigued by the intricate contexts of the emergence and developments of the cultures and religions of the region and was fascinated by how much of these stories goes unstudied. His skills were honed in the classroom and in the field. He has spent time in the Arabic speaking regions of Syria, Jordan, Palestine, and Egypt. He also has experience translating a number of medieval Muslim and Christian Arabic texts. He is excited about sharing his passion for the Arabic language and the people who speak it with you.

Professionally speaking, Dr. Morehouse has degrees in history, religion, and the languages and literatures of the Christian Near East, and he is actively involved in research related to the history of the Muslim, Jewish and Christian communities of the Near East. He has presented his research at regional and national academic conferences such as the American Academy of Religion, the North American Patristic Society, the North American Syriac Symposium, the Society of Biblical Literature, and the Southeastern Commission for the Study of Religion.

Along with teaching and scholarship, he enjoys food, travel, music, theater, sports, and his favorite companions in these activities are his family. Dr. Morehouse’s wife Katherine is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Multi-Ethnic Music Department here at Liberty. They have three beautiful children ages four and under, so they are busy and blessed!

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