Conversational Japanese

Course Descriptions

Basic: Discover common phrases and sentences to help you travel through Japan. Your learning of the language, culture, and people will be enhanced by the personal experiences of a native speaker. Active participation in this course will enable you to carry on a simple conversation.

Intermediate: For those who have taken the Basic course or who can perform simple conversation. Discover in this course how to converse in various themes such as shopping, dining, travel, etc. Explore more about the culture, religion, and various social issues.

Complete one or both of these seven-week, non-credit courses and earn a 1.0 CEU certificate (Continuing Education Unit) from Liberty University.

Open to all, including the general public. Available on campus only.

Instructor - Ayumi Kang

Ayumi Kang was born in Aomori, Japan. She received her master’s degree in teaching Japanese and came to America in 2013 with her husband, Taeho, who is a student at Liberty University’s School of Law.

Ayumi taught Japanese at the College of William and Mary and taught/tutored students from many countries. Born into a Christian family, Ayumi has a heart for the salvation of the Japanese people. Missionaries have been coming to Japan since the 16th century, yet less than one percent of its population is Christian.

Ayumi’s passion is contagious. She makes this course fun and inspiring. You will learn the basics of the language as well as first-hand knowledge of the culture and people.