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Functional Assessment Lab

Functional Assessment Lab

Get Hands-On Experience with Functional Assessment Equipment

The Functional Assessment Lab focuses on strength training and conditioning to increase your functional capacity for sports, recreational activities, and daily life. Here, you'll learn basic and advanced technique and coaching strategies; testing, measurement, and evaluation protocols and procedures; and principles of beginning and advanced programming.

With seven complete training areas, you’ll practice assessing clients and designing personalized strength and conditioning programs. Use industry-standard testing methods to assess aspects of fitness including muscular endurance, strength, and power.

Using machine and free weights as testing tools, you’ll train research subjects such as firefighters, members of ROTC, students, and club sports athletes. Other technology, such as tendo units and accelerometers, are available to assess variables including velocity, and force, power production. 

Functional Assessment Lab Director

Justin Kilian

  • Equipment

    Research subjects include firefighters, members of ROTC, students, and club sports athletes. 

    • Legend Power Rack
    • Adjustable Bench
    • Olympic Lifting Platform
    • Texas Power Bar
    • Olympic Lifting Bar
    • Trap Bar
    • Swiss Bar
    • Weights
    • Bumper Plates
    • Kettle Bells
    • 10 & 20 lbs. Medicine Balls
    • TRX
    • Chains
    • 4 Plyo Boxes
    • 2 Rogue GHDs
    • 2 Hammer Strength Lat Pulldowns
    • Nebula Leg Press
    • Mini Hurdles
    • Agility Ladders
    • Kabuki Strength Duffalo Bar
    • Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar
    • Rogue Safety Squat Bar
    • Dumbbells
  • Research Capabilities
    • Muscular strength and endurance
    • Training research subjects
    • Test the effectiveness of certain forms of training
    • Develop normative data reports for specified populations
    • Find associations between training and performance measures



(434) 582-2332
Center of Natural Sciences T04

Lab Hours

1-8 p.m.

10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Hours subject to change

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