Ministry Fellowship

Ministry Fellowship

Spend Your Senior Year In Ministry

Gain practical experience while completing your final year at Liberty University. If you’re a senior in our Church Ministry Program, you could spend your year working at an approved host church or parachurch ministry.

After you apply and are accepted into the Ministry Fellowship, you will partner with an approved site where you will work under the mentorship of an experienced ministry professional. Although you’ll be off campus, you’ll retain your residential status at Liberty and complete your remaining undergraduate courses online or through independent studies.

Who’s Eligible?

  • Full-time seniors majoring in a Church Ministries degree program.
  • Students in good standing with Liberty’s Student Conduct, Financial Aid, and Student Accounts offices, and who are also in good academic standing with Liberty University.
  • Accepted students who have applied and interviewed with the Experiential Learning Office and are approved by the Department of Church Ministries.

Your Experiential Opportunities Could Include:

  • Administration
  • Discipleship
  • Leadership Development
  • Speaking/Teaching
  • Team Building
  • Evangelism

How Much Does It Cost?

Church hosts will cover your housing, utilities (including internet), and transportation to their ministry’s site. You are responsible for your moving costs, program fees, and food. Participating students save approximately $8,000 per year on expenses.

What Is the Process?

  1. Submit an inquiry to the Experiential Learning Office your freshman or sophomore year.

  2. Initiate contact with one of the Approved Fellowship Sites below or a new site you have selected that meets the requirements for the Ministry Fellowship Program.

  3. If you choose a new site, that ministry must first go through the application process and be approved before you can apply for participation in the program.

  4. Apply to the program by September 15 of your junior year.

  5. After accepted, arrive at your church host site no later than August 1.

  6. When your Ministry Fellowship ends on May 1, return to Liberty University for graduation.

Approved Fellowship Sites:

Reminder: Our program does not place you into your site. Before applying, you will need to contact a site supervisor from one of the approved sites below or from another site you have selected that meets the requirements for the Ministry Fellowship Program. New sites must be approved through our site application process before you apply. 

For more information, please contact our Director of Experiential Learning, Kevin McGinn: