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12:00am Kraze Book of Revelation Ravi Zacharias Answers Creation Hour Why the Great Commission Is Great Word Pictures Flatout TV
12:30am Change TV 1st Baptist Jackson Worldview from the Colson Cntr. ATF.TV
1:00am Flatout TV Message of Hope Reasonable Faith Creation Magazine Live I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist Outcry in the Barrio and Nikki Cruz The Ramp
1:30am 7th Street Theater Anne Gimenez Reasons to Believe Creation Series Praise Break
2:00am Soul Check TV Intend Ministries Leading the Way Turning Point Stand to Reason 1st Baptist Jackson Gospel Central Music
2:30am TV One Life Grace To You Kennedy Classics Truth for Today Way of the Master
3:00am ATF.TV Truth That Transforms It's Supernatural Trumpet of Salvation Kennedy Classics Danny Forsee Soul Check TV
3:30am Kraze Midnight Cry Transforming Troubled Water Love Worth Finding Father's Bridge Sid Roth Project 77 Flatout TV
4:00am Change TV Loving Life Journey to Zion Thomas Road Today's Walk Jewish Voice The Ramp
4:30am Raw TV Jewish Voice Trumpet of Salvation Christ In Prophecy Intend Ministries Praise Break
5:00am Quick Study Weekend Peckville Assembly of God Intend Ministries GraceWorx Faith at Work From His Heart Gospel Central Music
5:30am Grace To You Joy of Music Praying in Jesus' Name TV One Life
6:00am Discovering the Jewish Jesus Precepts for Life Gina D's Kids Club
6:30am Midnight Cry Ligonier Ministries - Dr. R. C. Sproul Animal Action
7:00am Turning Point Quick Study Dr. Wonder's Workshop
7:30am Light2Live Greater Than Gold Jewish Voice Discovering the Jewish Jesus Discovering the Jewish Jesus Adventures in Odyssey
8:00am Living Truth Sid Roth It's Supernatural Donkey Ollie
8:30am Discovering the Jewish Jesus Jewish Voice Miracles in Ethiopia Jewish Voice The Awakening Hour Storyteller's Cafe
9:00am Intend Ministries Rise Up Dooley and Pals
9:30am From His Heart Faithful Workouts Gina D's Kids Club
10:00am Thomas Road Financial Issues with Dan Celia Juice Lady Special Women's Bible Study Transforming Troubled Water Bethlehem Glory My Destiny Place
10:30am Grace in High Heels Joy in the Morning Time for Hope Kids 'n Motorsports
11:00am Love Worth Finding Precepts for Life The Awesome Science Series
11:30am Leading the Way Joni and Friends Bee the Best with Thelma Hannah Help Me Visibly Fit Gospel of John Camp Fit
12:00pm 1st Baptist Jackson New Life with Steve Arterburn Good Time Kids
12:30pm Journey to Zion iShine Knect
1:00pm Amazing Facts The 700 Club Scaly Adventures
1:30pm Sid Roth Project 77 Recipes for Life
2:00pm Save Jerusalem Campaign Quick Study Judie Byrd's Kitchen
2:30pm Amer. Religious Town Hall Fixing the Money Thing God the Master Artist
3:00pm Truth for Today God the Master Artist Friends and Neighbors Drenda Right Now Babbie's House The Heart of Health
3:30pm Miracles in Ethiopia Leon
4:00pm Father's Bridge Not A Fan Restoration Road Living on the Edge Lifestyle Magazine The Heart of Health Spiritual Heritage Tour of the United States Capitol
4:30pm Today's Walk The Good Test Transforming Troubled Water Gospel of Life Aspiring Women
5:00pm Christ In Prophecy The Bible Answer Man - Hank Hanagraaff Sid Roth Project 77 Evidence Back to Jerusalem Financial Issues with Dan Celia
5:30pm Danny Forsee Context with Lorna Dueck Save Jerusalem Campaign Facing Life
6:00pm Turning Point Christian World News Jerusalem Dateline The Watchman CBN Newswatch The Brody File Warriors of Honor
6:30pm Dare To Love Jewish Voice Jewish Voice Day of Discovery Save Jerusalem Campaign
7:00pm Jewish Voice Living on the Edge Singles Pleasing the Lord Dr. Michael Brown Revelations Joni and Friends
7:30pm GraceWorx Gutsy Christianity Gospel of John Sound Rezn Trumpet of Salvation Way of the Master Anthem for Our Nation
8:00pm Intend Ministries Ravi Zacharias Answers Creation Hour Why the Great Commission Is Great Word Pictures Socrates in the City
8:30pm Truth for Today Worldview from the Colson Cntr. A Nation Adrift
9:00pm Kennedy Classics Reasonable Faith Creation Magazine Live I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist The Forbidden Book Is Faith Delusional Part 2
9:30pm Grace To You Reasons to Believe Creation Series
10:00pm Truth That Transforms The 700 Club Why I Still Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist
10:30pm Faith at Work Way of the Master
11:00pm Living Truth Wretched with Todd Friel YBBTV
11:30pm Game On Soul Check TV