Testing Services

Policies & Procedures

Information for Students

Academic Dishonesty

Liberty students are expected to maintain a moral and ethical conviction towards bettering themselves and others. Academic dishonesty, as noted in the Student Handbook, is not permitted. The Bible says in Luke 16:10, “One who is faithful in very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in very little is also dishonest in much” (ESV).

We ask you to refrain from any of the following academically-dishonest actions:

  • Copying answers from another student’s exam
  • Allowing someone else to copy information from your exam
  • Using prohibited testing aids (e.g. cheat sheets, writing on body, etc.)
  • Taking an exam for another person
  • Telling another student material on an exam after you take it
  • Removing or attempting to remove a test or Scantron
  • Bringing a cell phone into the Testing Center and using it during an exam

Students who are caught doing any of the above activities will not be able to complete their tests. Their teachers will be contacted so that they may administer appropriate disciplinary action.


All students must reserve a time slot to take an exam at the Testing Center. Make a Testing Appointment.

Other Policies

Please be aware of the following other policies mandated by the Testing Center:

  • No hats may be worn in the Testing room
  • No food or drink may be taken inside of the Testing room
  • Students should do their best to stay in the Testing room while taking their exams
    Please use the bathroom before you come to take your exam.

Information for Professors

Exam Submission

Professors have the option to either drop their exams off in person or to send them via our electronic submission system. When submitting exams, you will be asked where you would like to pick up the tests. Currently, professors may choose to pick their exams up in either Green Hall or DeMoss Hall. Submit an exam.

Note: Per IT, if trying to submit exams off campus, you will need to use either FireFox or Google Chrome.

How Exams are Filed

For organizational and security purposes, each professor may have one file per course that they teach at the university. If multiple submissions are sent for the same class, these submissions will all be filed under one folder for the class.

Exams will be returned when either:

  1. All permitted students have taken the exam, or
  2. The deadline has passed for the exam

If you would like your exams sooner, you may come to pick them up at the Testing Center during our office hours.

Drop-Off System

Exams are dropped off in DeMoss Hall every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday by 4:15 PM. Exams completed after 3:30 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are placed in a stack to be sent on the next drop-off day.