Retention Priority Program

The Student Advocate Office is pleased to continue offering the Priority Program for current undergraduate full-time resident Liberty University students. As a current student, we know you understand the importance of registering and completing Financial Check-In (FCI) as early as you are able. To reward you for your timeliness, we are offering the following incentives:

32 current undergraduate students will have a chance to win for both the Register (16 winners) and Reconcile (16 winners) drawing deadlines; 4 students at each level as determined by the Registrar's Office (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior).

FALL 2017

Program Step Due Date Step Completed Scholarship Amount
REGISTER for classes April 14th Class Registration $1,750/1 semester
RECONCILE your account April 28th Complete FCI $2,000/1 semester

For a full list of Spring 2016 scholarship winners, click here.

For a full list of rules and guidelines, visit our "Priority Program Guidelines" page.