Retention Priority Program

The Student Advocate Office is pleased to continue offering the Priority Program for current undergraduate full-time resident Liberty University students. As a current student, we know you understand the importance of registering and completing Financial Check-In (FCI) as early as you are able. To reward you for your timeliness, we are offering the following incentives:

32 current undergraduate students will have a chance to win for both the Register (16 winners) and Reconcile (16 winners) drawing deadlines; 4 students at each level as determined by the Registrar's Office (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior).

FALL 2016

Program Step Due Date Step Completed Scholarship Amount
RECONCILE your account May 1 Complete FCI $2,000/1 semester



Program Step Due Date Step Completed Scholarship Amount
REGISTER for classes November 15 Class registration TBA
RECONCILE your account December 1 Complete FCI TBA

For a full list of Spring 2016 scholarship winners, click here.

For a full list of rules and guidlines, visit our "Priority Program Guidelines" page.