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Students interested in taking part in one of these internships can set up an appointment to meet with James and his team at any point. 


Open to all students

The Launch Mentorship Network

The Launch Program exists to connect staff and faculty with students for the purpose of training, accountability, and insight in an organic and relational context. It is our desire to create opportunities for wholistic teaching, training, and coaching that extend outside of the four walls of a classroom and into your living rooms and homes! These students see mentor’s marriages, children and lives. You will be coached in how to hold fast to God's Word in the midst of this pervasive culture!

Here is what we are looking for:

Launch Program participants are undergraduate students from many different fields of study on campus. Each of these participants desire to fulfill the great commission and feel the burden to reach their generation for Christ. However, these students know that their natural mission field might not be within the context of a Sunday morning service. As a teacher in a classroom at a local middle school, or a business person on Wall Street, these students need mentors to coach them in what it means to be incarnational, mission-minded and confident in their gifting. So… over a cup a coffee or over for a few dinners this school year, you will be coached and mentored. We will also provide monthly tangible training in what it means to live a life on Mission. To find out when our next session is… email

Generation SEND Internship

(North American Mission Board)

Generation Send is designed to be one of the most exciting, intense and unique internship experiences in North America. It is a spiritual venture that will immerse young adults into an urban context to gain a practical knowledge of the realities of missions and leadership in a metropolitan area. Participants will spend six weeks initiating ministry in the city while missionary practitioners and leaders invest in the interns’ lives.

Interviews cease Nov. 21st

Catch a Vision for D.C. 

Church Planting Day Trip

This Fall we will be taking a group of Church Planting Minded students to D.C. on October 30th to spend the day with church planters and to see what it would look like to Plant a Church in D.C. If you are interested in this opportunity, please email This trip will be a day trip leaving at 4:00am and returning at 8:00pm that evening. Students will be excused from class.

Urban Ministry EXPO

Featuring D.A Horton from Reach Life

On November the 14th come to our Urban Ministry EXPO where we will decipher, discuss, deploy, demand and declare Gospel truthswith an Urban Flare and ultimately understand what Urban Ministry is. If you are interested in Urban Ministry, if you come from an Urban Area, if you want to learn more about how to ministry in an Urban context then you do not want to miss this opportunity! For more information please see our webpage

Church Planting Panel Discussion

The Gospel in Todays Culture  (Free Chick-Fil-A Dinner for first 750 people)

On October 14th at 6:30pm in the sanctuary of TRBC we will be hosting a Church Planting Panel Discussion on Tuesday evening. Have you ever wondered how to handle questions dealing with Homosexuality, Universalism, Women in Ministry all in the context of Planting a new Church… then you want to be at this event! We want all majors represented and all voices heard! We will see you there #EatMoreChicken!