Baltimore, MD


Trip Leader: Vince Valeriano

Available Spots: 15

Cost: $150 per student

Included: Food, lodging, transportation

Focus: Anti-Sex Trafficking Ministry

Dates: Mar. 8-14, 2014


The students that take part in this trip will be exposed to the sex trafficking issues of Baltimore and some of the ministries that are actively working to make a difference. The students can expect to spend time in training sessions discussing the problem and solutions as well as witness some of the ministry itself. Time will also be spent going to various parts of the city to learn about the issue first hand. While no student will ever be put in a dangerous situation, there will be sufficient exposure to the issue of Sex Trafficking that this team will be highly selective and a very high level of maturity is expected. 

The students will be working with Gallery Church of Baltimore (Ellis Prince) and his church planting team as well as Safe House of Hope which is a safe home for girls trapped in trafficking who are seeking help. Other organizations may be introduced and their work explained. Students who are interested in learning more about and getting involved with the Anti-Sex Trafficking ministries should definitely take part in this trip. 

A total of 15 undergraduate and graduate students will take part in this trip. The cost will be $150 per student which will help offset the costs of the trip. Included in the price will be the food, lodging, registration fee, and transportation on the ground. Any additional snacks, souvenirs, and activities will be the responsibility of the student. 

For questions, please email

Application deadline is February 20th.