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Student Services: Academical Chapters

Academical Societies

Academical Chapters

In collaboration with the Office of Academic Affairs, the Office of Students Services seeks to partner students and advisors through the academical chapters.  The role of the advisor and the student’s peers is to provide the student with guidance, mentorship, support, encouragement, and to direct the student to professional, local, college and/or university resources.

Liberty University has a mission, as well as, goals to prepare students for community based preventative and primary practices and to meet the needs of underserved populations not just in Virginia, but also across the globe. To accomplish its goals, Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine (LUCOM) has a strong general medicine curriculum and quality community based experiences for the student, providing experience and mentorship. It is the goal of LUCOM to prepare students to enter any discipline or specialty in medicine. Additionally, LUCOM aims to influence students to live out the mission and vision of the COM by meeting the needs of the patients with service.

Medical professionals, college mentors and career counselors, along with academic programs, will help the students refine their interest(s) and help shape their career path beginning in the students first year of the curriculum.