Protect your mobile device

Liberty University's Mobile Computing Device Recovery System (MCDRS) allows students, faculty, and staff to register their devices on Liberty's network. Registering your device with MCDRS can potentially help locate the device if it is lost or stolen while on Liberty's campus. 

The MCDRS works using your device MAC address; similar to a serial number. The MAC address is broadcast every time your device connects to a network, and can be used to identify your device. 

What can I register?

Any device with a MAC address can be registered; this generally includes all devices that have the capability of being connected to Liberty's wireless network.

  • Laptops
  • iPads/Tablets
  • Connected TV/DVD Players
  • Mobile Phones
  • eReaders
  • Other smart devices

Register your device in two easy steps:

If you lose your device:

You can monitor or report your mobile device lost/stolen by adding the MCDRS widget in myLU. 

Additional Information

The mobile device recovery system does not replace manufacturer or carrier provided tools such as Find My iPhone. Terms and conditions