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Registrar: Registration



Students are registered for predetermined course schedules each trimester, and the established curriculum must be followed in sequential order. Students do not have the ability to modify their course schedules online. Changing courses or credit hours may affect degree completion, account balances, and/or financial aid qualifications. For more information on schedule changes, contact the Registrar's Office.

Course Schedule

Students accepted for the Fall OMS-1 trimester will receive an advanced registration schedule on May 1, as follows:

Course  Num. Section Title Credits
LCOM 1001 001 Biomedical Foundations of  Osteopathic Medicine 7
LCOM 2001 001 Patient-Centered Medicine 1 2.5
LCOM 3001 001 Cardiovascular, Respiratory, &
Hematologic Systems
LCOM 3002 001 Integument & Musculoskeletal  Systems 6.75
LCOM 4001 001 Osteopathic Principles, Practices, & Manipulative Treatment 1 2

Academic Advising

It is not a requirement for students to be academically advised each trimester. Rather, the goal of the academic adviser is to provide students with assistance, guidance, and mentorship enabling them to achieve the maximum benefit and outcome from their educational experiences. Additionally advising assists students in maintaining their quality of life during the time they are associated with Liberty University and the College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Financial Check-In

The on-line Financial Check-In system allows students to make their financial arrangements, secure courses, and express intended attendance through payment. LUCOM students are required to complete the check-in process each term. The tool will be available for the upcoming term starting on the first day of registration. If you have any questions regarding the Financial Check-In process or system, contact LUCOM's Office of Student Accounts