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Sending Mail / Shipping Outgoing Packages

When sending outgoing letter mail, you have many different options. The first is to come to the LU Post Office located in Green Hall if you need to purchase postage. There is also an outgoing mailbox located just inside the door to the left. Your other option is to place the letter with postage already on it in one of our blue outgoing mail boxes located around campus. Their locations are:

Main Campus

  • Across the street from the intramural fields located next to the mail kiosk on South Campus.
  • In front of Demoss Hall on the bottom floor next to the door closest to the Religion Hall.
  • In the walkway on the bottom floor of Dorm M23.

East Campus

  • Directly in front of Dorm E44.
  • Next to the mail kiosk located between Dorm E53 and Dorm E54.
  • Next to the East Campus Clubhouse

Green Hall / North Campus

  • Directly in front of the main entrance to Green Hall.

Outgoing Packages / Services

The LU Post Office offers shipping services through the US Post Office and Federal Express. We also act as a UPS Dropoff Point, however we are unable to create UPS shipping labels.