Outgoing Mail and FedEx/UPS Dropbox Locations

Libert Postal Services have placed drop boces where you can drop outgoing USPS mail and pre-paid FedEx/UPS packages on the go. The locations and pick up schedules are below:


For USPS Letter Mail only

*All USPS mail is picked up at 2:30 pm, Monday through Friday, except for holidays that follow the University schedule

Main Campus

  • Located next to the Circle 2 Kiosk across the steet from the South Campus Intramural Fields.
  • In front of Demoss Hall, next to the door closest to the Religion Hall.
  • On the Hill in the walkway between the dorms and Demoss Hall in Dorm 23.

East Campus

  • Next to the East Campus Clubhouse.
  • In front of Dorm E53 on the Doc's Diner side.
  • In front of Dorm E44.

Green Hall

  • Inside the entrance of Green Hall by the Schilling Court Annex. (entrance closest to the Post Office)



FedEX/UPS dropbox


Boxes are empty no later than 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday, except for holidays observed by FedEx and UPS. These boxes are not emptied by Liberty Postal Services staff.

Green Hall

  • In front of the Green Hall Administration entrace. ( by the Law School entrance)


Montview Studen Union

  • Location to be announced.


On-Campus Students

On-Campus Staff

Off-Campus Students