Package Pickup / Dropoff Process for Students

Package Pickup

  • You will receive an email saying that you have a package available to be picked up at the LU Post Office.
  • When you come to pick it up, you MUST have either one of two things: Your Flames Pass or a valid Government Issued Photo ID. If you do not have either one of those, you will not be able to pick up your package.
  • The people at the LU Package Counter CANNOT help you if you are on your phone. They will inform you of this if you try to pick up a package while on your phone. As a courtesy to those around you and those working, please do not use cellular tellephones or mobile music players while picking up a package.

Prepaid Package Dropoff

  • If you have a prepaid label, you do not need to wait in line at our shipping counter.  Instead, bring the prepared package to the package counter. (Tape is available at the LU Post Office)
  • The worker at the package counter will need to get some information from you and scan your package in before you sign the signature pad, releasing the package into our posession.
  • An email confirmation is available if you would like.
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