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On-Campus Mailbox Kiosk Locations

Mail Kiosk Box Numbers Location
Annex 1 Kiosk 1 LA000-LA299 Back of Building C (Furthest from Odd Fellows Rd)
Annex 1 Kiosk 2 SP001-SP120 Side of Building D
Annex 2 SA001-SA420 In the main lobby
Circle 1 C0001-C1800 Bottom Floor of Dorm 13 (Old Prayer Room) Door on side
Circle 2 C2000-C3679 Near Dorm M29 (Across the street from Intramural Fields)
Hill H0001-H1560 Inside Main Dorm 17
Hill SH001-SH120 Inside Main Dorm 17
East 1 E1000-E1360 Near Dorm E42
East 2 E2000-E2479 Between Dorm E44 and E45
East 3 E3000-E3209 Across from Dorm E46
East 4 E4000-E4209 Between Dorm E53 and E54
East 5 E5000-E5420 Between Dorm E75 and E76
East 6 E6000-E6209 Between Dorm E72 and E73
East 7 E7000-E7209 Across from Dorm E20
East 8 E8000-E8209 Between Dorm E82 and E83
East 9 E9000-9420 In front of Dorm E94
East 10 E0100-E0309 Between Dorm E91 and E92