On-Campus Mailbox Kiosk Locations

Mail Kiosk Box Numbers Location
Annex 1 Kiosk 2 SP001-SP120 Side of Building D
Commons 1 C0001-C1260 Enter building through main entrance near Dunkin Donuts. Turn right through common area and walk past the elevators. The mail room is on the right before the entrance to the hallway
Commons 2 C2001-C3080 Enter building through door facing the South. The room is directly to the right.
Hill H0001-H0960/SH001-SH120 Inside walkway doors of Dorm 23
South Kiosk S0001-S1680 Near Dorm M29
East 1 E1000-E1360 Near Dorm E42
East 2 E2000-E2479 Between Dorm E44 and E45
East 3 E3000-E3209 Across from Dorm E46
East 4 E4000-E4209 Between Dorm E53 and E54
East 5 E5000-E5420 Between Dorm E75 and E76
East 6 E6000-E6209 Between Dorm E72 and E73
East 7 E7000-E7209 Across from Dorm E20
East 8 E8000-E8209 Between Dorm E82 and E83
East 9 E9000-9420 In front of Dorm E94
East 10 E0100-E0309 Between Dorm E91 and E92



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