Dr. William R. Atwell

William Atwell
Dr. William Atwell

Assistant Professor of ASLI



Ed.D., Deaf Studies/Deaf Education, Lamar University
M.S., Deaf Studies/Deaf Education, Lamar University
B.S.. Psychology, Tennessee Temple University

Courses Taught

  • ASLI 101 - American Sign Language I
  • ASLI 102 - American Sign Language II
  • ASLI 201 - American sign Language III
  • DSDE 1373 - Interpreter Role and Ethical Decision Making
  • DSDE 1374 - Introduction to Deaf Studies
  • DSDE 1378 - Introduction to Interpreting
  • DSDE 2372 - American sign Language IV
  • DSDE 2373 - Visual Gestural Communication
  • DSDE 4309 - Practicum: Classroom Observation
  • DSDE 4313 - Interpreting Secondary Subjects


Texas Board of Evaluation of Interpreters - BEI-III (CDI)
Certification of Achievement - Instructional Leadership Development


"Visual Gesture Communication", Texas Society Interpreters for the Deaf, Latham Springs, TX: April 2002
"Expansion Techniques", Texas Society Interpreters for the Deaf, Beaumont, TX: August 2002
"How to be able to interpret characters used by the speaker/presenter?" Alabama Interpreters for the Deaf, Talladega, AL: July 2006
"Oh No! Which Character Are You?" RID: July 2007
"Chunking as a tool in the reading comprehension of phrasal verbs by Deaf Readers." The Association of College Educators - Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ACE-DHH), Austin, TX: February 2011

Community/Christian Service

Pastor to the Deaf (1997-2013)