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B.S. in Business Administration

Perhaps more than any other science, economics is about how change influences the lives of individuals, businesses and nations. Available courses will cover both traditional micro and macro theory. In macro you will look at national and international fluctuations, monetary policies, the effects of the national debt, budget deficits and the field of money and banking. In micro you look at how firms operate, the functions of supply and demand and various types of competition.

Academic Program

In addition to the required core classes on the degree completion plan, each student is required to complete various classes that specialize in economics.

Cognate Classes

  • Modern Political and Economic Ideas: GOVT 302
  • Money and the Financial System: BUSI 321
  • Business and Economic Forecasting: BUSI 405
  • International Market Integration and Trade Agreements: BUSI 464
  • Capstone: Economics and Finance: BUSI 491

Degree Completion Plan

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Career Opportunities


  • Economist
  • Sales Analyst
  • Actuary

Advising Information

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