Dr. Yan Xie

Yan Xie
Dr. Yan Xie

Assistant Professor of Chinese



Yan Xie was saved by the Lord in 1998 after her long journey of seeking the meaning of life and eternity.  She lives in Bedford with her husband and daughter.  Yan began teaching Chinese courses when the Chinese program started at Liberty in 2009.  She became a full-time faculty member in 2012.  Her career goal is to be a positive contribution to the fulfillment of the vision Dr. Falwell had for the university.  Her passion is that her students will be used for the Lord because of their knowledge of the Chinese language.


ED.D., Teaching and Learning, Liberty University
M.ED., Second Language Acquisition, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
M.A., Chinese as a Foreign Language Teaching Pedagogy, Middlebury College, Vermont (in progress)

Courses Developed and Taught

  • Chinese 101: Elementary Chinese I
  • Chinese 102: Elementary Chinese II
  • Chinese 201: Intermediate Chinese I
  • Chinese 202: Intermediate Chinese II
  • Chinese 497: Special Topics: Intermediate Reading and Writing in Modern Chinese


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Chen-Tsui Professional Development Award (2005) at the 39th ACTFL (American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages) Annual Conference, Baltimore, MD., 2005

Community/Christian/Institutional Service
  • Faculty Advisor of Chinese Culture Connection of LU
  • Member, Lynchburg Chinese Christian Fellowship: leader of Bible study and worship