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Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

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Important note: the academic calendars presented below are not finalized. They are subject to change up to the first day of classes. Urgent and/or emergent conditions, including weather and unforeseen circumstances such as change in faculty availability, may or may not affect the finalized calendars. Student-doctors should utilize caution in making personal travel plans and are advised to not book personal travel before 5 p.m., on the last scheduled day of each semester, to ensure that personal arrangements will not have to be changed due to changes in the published academic schedule.

Fall 2016 Semester
July 4, 2016-Jan. 1, 2017

July 5-15   Board Prep course (OMS III)
July 5-29   Elective Period (OMS II)
Aug. 1   Classes begin (OMS I & OMS II)
Aug. 29   Clinical Rotations begin (OMS III)
Sept. 5   Labor Day (OMS I & OMS II)
Oct. 17-21   Fall Break (OMS I & OMS II)
Nov. 23-25   Thanksgiving Break (OMS I & OMS II)
Dec. 16   Last day of Fall 2016 classes
Dec. 17-Jan.2, 2017   Christmas Break* (OMS I, OMS II, OMS III) 


Spring 2017 Semester
Jan. 2-July 2, 2017

Jan. 2   Clinical Rotations begin (OMS III)
Jan. 3   Classes begin (OMS I & OMS II)
March 13-17   Spring Break (OMS I & OMS II)
April 17   Easter Break (OMS I & OMS II)
May 22-June 2   Capstone II (OMS III)
May 29   Memorial Day (OMS I & OMS II)
May 31   Last day of classes (OMS II) 
June 16   Last day of classes (OMS I)
June 19-30   Elective/Vacation (OMS I & OMS II)
June 30   Last day of rotations (OMS III)


break is scheduled for personal time off and/or vacation. Note: Student Progress Committee (SPC) hearings are conducted during this week. Student-doctors may be required to return to campus.

Student-Doctor Access to CMHS

Center for Medical and Health Sciences

Badge Access applies to front door only.
Monday-Saturday, 6 a.m.-11 p.m.
Sunday, 1-11 p.m.

Medical Library-Regular Hours
(closed for alternative convocation, Wed. 9:45-11:15 a.m.)
Monday-Saturday, 7:30 a.m.-11:30 p.m.
Sunday, 1-11:30 p.m.


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