Office of the Treasury


The Treasury is made up of the Treasurer, Deputy Treasurer and Account Managers. The Account Managers serve as a direct representative of the Treasury department and to the clubs and student organizations of Liberty University. They serve to increase the effectiveness of the Treasury department’s coordination with clubs and student organizations. An Account Manager will be assigned a specific number of University clubs to represent to the Treasurer. Specifically, Account Managers will assist their clubs with understanding of finance policy, finance requesting, and related processes. Furthermore, Account Managers communicate with Club Coordinators to ensure that their clubs are serviced to the fullest extent of every club’s needs.

Meet the Team

Caleb Long 


Kristen Smith

Deputy Treasurer

Jackie Smith 

Account Manager

Matt Fritz

Account Manager

Emily Bledsoe

Account Manager

Funding Programs 

The Treasury has three programs that help simplify the way clubs and student organizations receive funding. All funded clubs and student organizations may draw from the General Fund, however if clubs would like to be enrolled into the Grant Program for the following academic year they must submit an application before the deadline. All funded clubs may partner with the SGA for particular events. Clubs wishing to draw from the Partnership Fund must submit an application 30 days prior to the time of their requested event. 

Grant Program 

The Grant Program is open to all funded clubs wishing to receive more than the funds allotted in the General Fund. Clubs who apply and satisfy the requirements will be enrolled into the Grant Program for a full academic year and have a set amount of $2,000 ($1,000 per semester) to spend over the course of the year in which they are enrolled. Applications and required documents must be submitted by the first Monday of March.

General Fund

The General Fund is open to all funded clubs. Clubs who complete the club application process and are recognized by the University as eligible to receive funding are automatically enrolled to draw from the General Fund. Clubs may submit any number of funding requests per semester so long as the total amount requested does not exceed $800. The General Fund is based on a first come, first served basis.

Partnership Fund 

Any funded club that wishes to partner with the SGA for an event and have the opportunity to receive more funding outside the General and Grant Program funds may request for Partnership funds. The SGA may partner with a club to fund up to 20% (not exceeding $1,000) of the total budget for the club's event or activity. Partnership funds must be requested 30 days prior to the club's event or activity.

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