Faculty Articles

Center for Creation Studies faculty are involved in creation research and publication, bringing fresh ideas and perspectives on creation to journals, magazines and media. Below, you can find selections of the peer-reviewed technical papers, lay-oriented articles, news and other media outlets in which our faculty contribute.

Dr. David A. DeWitt
Center for Creation Studies Director


Selected Peer-Reviewed Articles

1. DeWitt, D. A. "Did a jaw muscle protein mutation lead to increased cranial capacity in man?" Technical Journal 19(1):88-96 2005.
2. DeWitt, D. A. "Chimp genome sequence very different from man." Technical Journal 19(3):4-5 2005.
3. DeWitt, D. A. "Baraminological Analysis Places Homo habilis, Homo rudofensis, and Austrapithecus sediba in the Human Hoobaramin: Discussion" Answers Research Journal 3:156-158 2010.

Selected Popular Articles

1. DeWitt, D. A. "Teaching College Students about Creation" Oct 18, 2002.
2. DeWitt, D. A. Re-evaluation of chimp/human DNA similarity. Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal 17:8-9 2003.
3. DeWitt, D. A. "Why I rejected theistic evolution" Jan 12, 2004.
4. DeWitt , D. A. "Creation teaching makes a difference" Creation 28(2):41, 2006. This article was published online before print July 26, 2004.
5. DeWitt, D. A. "No apes in the human family tree" National Liberty Journal 34(8):18 2005.
6. DeWitt, D. A. "Nothing new under the sun: media report hypes evolution claims" Oct. 12, 2005.
7. DeWitt, D. A. "The differences make the difference-differences in gene expression distinguish humans from other primates" March 20, 2006.
8. DeWitt, D. A. "FOXP2 and the Non-evolution of human language" May 5, 2006.
9. DeWitt, D. A. "Chimp-human hybridization: two of a kind or two different kinds?" May 31, 2006.
10. DeWitt, D. A. "Lucy (and her child) look like extinct apes after all" Sept 26, 2006.
11. DeWitt, D. A. "TIME to stay current on human oriins" Oct 2, 2006.
12. DeWitt, D. A. "Do creationists 'need remediation' in science?" Feb 16, 2007. 
13. DeWitt, D. A. "Tyrannosaurus rex: a big chicken?" April 14, 2007. 
14. DeWitt, D. A. "Scare Tactics: NCSE sets out to scare parents away from new Creation Museum" May 17, 2007.
15. DeWitt, D. A. "Missing Dr. Falwell" May 19, 2007. 
16. DeWitt, D. A. "A tale of two museums" Sept 10, 2007.
17. DeWitt, D. A. "Setting the Record Straight on Vestigial Organs" May 28, 2008.
18. DeWitt, D. A. "The 'Eyes' Have it: Why one of Darwin's key arguments doesn't work." Jan 13, 2009.
19. DeWitt, D. A. "Darwin, Desgn and the Brain" Feb 2, 2009.
20. DeWitt, D. A. "Brain: Shaped by Experience" Answers 4(4):57-59 2009.
21. DeWitt, D. A. "It's an Ape... It's a Human... It's... It's... a Missing Link! Detailed Analysis of Australopithecus sediba presents problems for evolution." Sep 13, 2011.

News Articles

Dr. Marcus R. Ross
Center for Creation Studies Assistant Director

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

1. Ross, M. R.,  2012. Using biostratigraphy to evaluate the Flood/post-Flood boundary. Journal of Creation vol. 26, no. 2, p. 82-87, with online supplement.
2. Ross, M. R., Hoesch, W.A., Austing, S.A., ,Whitmore, J.H., and Clarey, T.L., 2010. Garden of the Gods at Colorado Springs: Paeozoic and Mesozoic Sedimentation and Tectonics. Geological Society of America Field Guide 18. 
3. Ross, M. R., 2009. Charting thelate Cretaceous seas: mosasaur richness and morpological diversification, Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, v 29, no. 2, p. 409-416.
4. Ross, M. R., and Nelson, P.A., 2006. A Taxonomy of Teleology: Phillip Johnson, the Intelligent Design community, and young-Earth creationism, in Darwin's Nemesis: Phillip Johnson and the Intelligent Design Movement, InverVarsity Press, p. 261-275.    
(pdfs of these and other articles are available at the author's publication page)

Selected Abstracts and Technical Presentations

1. Beech, S., and Ross, M. R., 2012. A Preliminary(Re)Estimation of the Ark-bourne Animals. Journal of Creation Theology and Science, Series B., vol. 2, p. 1.
2. Ross, M. R., 2011. Biogeography and Biostratigraphy: Coupled constrainsts on the placement of the post-Flood boundary. Journal of Creation Theology and Science, Series C, vol. 1, 5-6.
3. Ross, M. R., 2011. A creationist geological field trip of the Black Hills of South Dakota. ORIGINS 2011.
4. Wood, T.C., M. Ross, and P. Garner, 2011. Preliminary Baraminological Analysis of Jurassic and Cretaceous Avialae. Journal of Creation Theology and Science, Series B.
5.  Wood, T.C., M. Ross, and P. Garner, 2011. Detecting Discontinuity in the Dinosauria using Baraminic Distance Correlation. Journal of Creation Theology and Science, Series B.
6. Ross, M. R., 2010. Integrative and approaches to Late Cretaceous marine biostratigraphy and biogeography. Geologial Society of Ameica Annual Meeting, Abstracts with Programs.
7. Ross, M. R., 2010. YEC geology in the classroom: Educational materials challenges and needs. Creation Geology Society Abstracts, p. 5-6.
8. Ross, M. R., 2007. Twelve years in Athens: A creationist's journey in geological education. Proceedings of the First Conference on Creation Geology, Cedarville University, p. 46.
9. DeWitt, D. A., Ross, M. R., and Deckard, Steve, 2007. Assessing student ideas on creation, evolution, and the age of the Earth. Proceedingsof the First Conference on Creation Geology, Cedarville University, p. 21-22.

Selected Popular-Level Articles

1. Ross, M. R., and Howell, D., 2012. The Barefoot Professor, Answers Magazine, v. 7, n. 3, p. 64-69.
2. Ross, M. R., 2011. "T. rex: Fashioned To Be Fearless" Answers Magazine, v. 6, n. 4, p. 46-48.
3. Ross, M. R., 2011. "Hypsolophodon: Least But Not Last." Answers Magazine, v. 6, n. 4, p. 50-53.   
4. Ross, M. R., 2010, "Accept a Limited Role", Village Green: Forum on Intelligent Design, Christianity Today, May issue, p. 51.  
5. Ross, M. R., 2010. "Created Creatures: Sea Monsters" Answers Magazine, v. 5, n.. 1, p. 22-24.   
6. Ross, M. R.,
2010. "Those Not-So-Dry Bones" Answers Magazine, v. 5, n. 1, p. 26-29.
7. Ross, M. R., 2010. "Dinosaurs: Living Large" Answers Magazine, v. 5. n. 1, p. 43-45.
8. Ross, M. R., 2010."Creationist Receives PhD: Walking Through Modern-Day Athens", Answers Magazine (online edition).
9. Ross, M. R., 2009."Storming Young-Earth Creationism", a review of The Bible, Rocks, and Time", Christianity Today. April, 2009. p. 63.
10. Ross, M. R., 2009. "God of the Gaps?", Answers Magazine, v. 4, n. 1, p. 60-63.  

Notable Media Appearances and Features

Television and Radio

  • "The Universe Next Door" (formerly "Darwin or Design?") in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2012.
  • "Liberty Live" in 2007 and 2009.
  • Cedarville Radio (WCDR) in 2007.
  • "The Frank Pastore Show" (KKLA) twice in 2007.
  • "Across the Nation with Bob Dunning" (The Catholic Channel, Serius Satallite Radio) in 2007.

 Newspapers and Magazines