Christian Leadership & Church Ministries

Pastoral Leadership degree

Pastoral Leadership (B.S.)

Residential Program

Gain leadership dynamics along with an in-depth knowledge of the Scriptures with a B.S. in Pastoral Leadership from the Rawlings School of Divinity. We’ll prepare you for pastoral or ministry careers like senior/associate pastor, evangelist, or missions pastor. With a B.S. in Pastoral Leadership, you’ll also be equipped for graduate-level studies. 

Academic Information


Sampling of program courses:

  • Theology Survey I: THEO 201
  • Pastoral Epistles and Leadership Development: BIBL 324
  • Hermeneutics: BIBL 480
  • Foundation to Pastoral Leadership: PLED 201
  • Church Planting/Development: PLED 251
  • Staff Management/Relations in Pastoral Leadership: PLED 302

Program of Study

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Career Opportunities

  • Administrative Pastor
  • Children's Pastor
  • Christian Education Director
  • Church Recreation Director
  • Evangelist
  • Minister of Music and Worship
  • Missions Pastor
  • Senior/Associate Pastor
  • Women's Conference Coordinator or Speaker
  • Women's Ministry Director
  • Young Adults Minister
  • Youth Pastor

Approved Site Churches

All PLED majors are required to be active participants in the ministry of a local church in order to earn their degree.

Thomas Road Baptist Church

  • One Mountain View Road, Lynchburg, VA, 24502
  • (434) 239-9281

Thomas Road Baptist Church
Dan River Campus

  • 2805 Riversive Drive, Danville, VA, 24540
  • (4343) 582-2020
Thomas Road Baptist Church
Crossroads Campus
  • 4827 Delray Street NW, Roanoke, VA, 24012
  • (540) 362-1623
Bedrock Community Church
Roanoke Campus

Bedrock Community Church
Bedford Campus

ETR Campus

Forest Campus

Forest Baptist Church

Timberlake Baptist
Calvary Baptist
Calvary Chapel
Blue Ridge Community Church
One Commmunity Church
The Kirk
Highland Heights Baptist Church
Lakewood Baptist Church
Beulah Baptist Church