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B.S. in Global Studies

Global Studies (B.S.)

Residential Program

Develop the skills necessary for effective cross-cultural engagement with a degree in Global Studies from Liberty University. Here, you’ll learn how to cultivate healthy intercultural relationships, navigate the unique dynamic that comes with living and working internationally, and successfully develop a career in both local and global settings. Receive training in Cultural Intelligence®, a sought-after credential by many leading multinational corporations and nonprofit organizations. As a senior, you’ll culminate your course training with a semester abroad through our Global Internship Experience.

Minor or Double Major

All Global Studies students are required to select a minor or a double major.

Academic Information


Sampling of program courses:

  • Theology Survey I: THEO 201
  • Intercultural Communication and Engagement: GLST 220
  • Cultural Anthropology GLST 290
  • Inductive Bible Study: BIBL 350
  • World Religions: GLST 350
  • Career Preparation for Global Workers: GLST 385
  • Living Abroad: GLST 387
  • Ethnographic Research: GLST 388
  • Engaging Oral Communicators: GLST 390
  • Hermeneutics: BIBL 480
  • Ethnographic Research: GLST 388
  • Trends and Issues in Global Studies: GLST 490
  • Global Internship: GLST 499

Program of Study

Degree Completion Plans (DCP)

Career Opportunities

  • Refugee Work
  • Humanitarian Aid Work
  • Short-term/Long-term Field Personnel with Global Disciple-Making Organizations
  • Global opportunities in education/TESL/business/healthcare/communications/etc when combined with a double-major or minor in another discipline 
  • Global Mobilizer on a Church or Non-Profit Staff
  • Post-Graduate Studies in related fields