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Residential Program

The Global Studies program is designed to produce Christ-centered leaders with the values, knowledge, and intercultural skills required to excel as individuals in their communities, lead as professionals in their fields, and serve as followers of Christ in the global context of the 21st century.

Students majoring in Global Studies will develop the skills necessary for effective cross-cultural engagement. This program prepares graduates to: communicate across cultures, cultivate healthy intercultural relationships, develop careers in both local and global settings, and understand the particular dynamics associated with living and working in an international context. Students receive thorough training in Cultural Intelligence® which is sought by many leading multi-national corporations and non-profit organizations. After extensive preparation through diverse courses, students apply what they have learned during a semester abroad internship experience.

Degree Programs

Course Information

Core Courses

  • Introduction to Global Studies: GLST 200
  • Intercultural Communication and Engagement: GLST 220*
  • Cultural Anthropology: GLST 290**
  • Career Preparation for Global Workers: GLST 385

Other courses:

  • World Religions: GLST 350
  • Engaging Oral Communicators: GLST 390
  • Global Studies Field Experience: GLST 380
  • Living Abroad: GLST 387
  • Ethnographic Research: GLST 388
  • Barefoot Language Learning: GLST 389
  • Jungle Camp: GLST 485
  • Trends & Issues in Global Studies: GLST 490
  • Global Studies Internship: GLST 499
  • Global Studies Capstone: GLST 491

*GLST 220 substitutes for EVAN 101 for all GLST majors, minors and cognates.
**GLST 290 substitutes for a social science elective for all GLST majors, minors & cognates

For more course information visit the undergraduate catalog.

Global Studies Internship

Global Studies majors complete a semester-long international internship the second semester of their junior year where they are able to put into practice the knowledge gained from the first part of the program. Students receive 15 credits of university credit through specific classes designed to be infused into the internships experience as they live and work in an international context. They then return to Liberty for continued classes designed to be taken after the internship experience. Because of the uniqueness of this opportunity and experience, it is very important that students fill out the GLST Internship Tracking Form as soon as they have declared the major. The Global Studies office will then help them know what steps should be taken to pursue their internship.

Career Opportunities

  • Refugee work
  • Humanitarian aid work
  • Short-term/long-term field personnel with global disciple-making organizations
  • Global opportunities in education/TESL/business/healthcare/communications/etc when combined with a double-major or minor in another discipline
  • Global Mobilizer with a church or non-profit organization
  • Graduate Studies in related fields

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