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Note from the Director

Do you remember when you learned how to ride a bike? Most of us had a similar experience. Our parents sat us down, handed us the "How to Ride a Bike" manual, then gave a lecture on the ins and outs of bicycle mechanics and bike-riding best-practices.

Or maybe your learning experience looked a little different...

Of course, preparing for your future career in ministry or academia is more complicated than riding a bike. That's why we are passionate about providing students with the highest quality classroom education available from faculty who have been where the students are going. But we also believe in the value of learning through real-world experiences. You cannot train to be a nurse without hands-on experience in a hospital. You cannot train to be an educator without hands-on experience in the classroom. The same is true for ministry in the local church, para-church, global missions, and academia. Studying about something is drastically different than actually doing it.

Whether the focus of your degree is Church Ministries, Pastoral Leadership, Global Studies, or Biblical & Theological Studies, we are committed to providing you with quality opportunities to take the things you study in the classroom into real-world, hands-on experiences under the supervision of seasoned professionals. We want to move you from the backseat, to the passenger seat, to the driver seat.

Kevin P. McGinn
Director of Experiential Learning

Examples of Experiential Learning Courses

Church Ministries

  • CHMN 205 - Ministry Observation
  • CHMN 300 - Ministry Practicum
  • CHMN 499 - Ministry Internship

Pastoral Leadership

  • CSER 375-001 - Small Group Leadership
  • CSER 375-002 - Outreach & Evangelism
  • CSER 375-003 - Proclamation & Leadership
  • CSER 375-004 - VisionPoint Leadership Club
  • CSER 375-005 - Pastoral Leadership Team

Global Studies

  • GLST 380 - Global Experience
  • GLST 485 - Jungle Camp (New Tribes Mission Training Center)
  • GLST 499 - Global Internship

Biblical & Theological Studies

  • RLST 499 - Religious Studies Internship