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Camp Sites

Camp Sites

The Camp Hydaway camp sites are located on the outskirts of Lake Hydaway. Camp Hydaway provides 4 camp sites with fire pits for each. Students can sign out to a campsite on Fridays and Saturdays, once a reservation request form has been submitted, and approved.

Campsites are available with reservations only. Please call our outfitter during operating hours to make a reservation, 434-592-6284. If you have any questions please call or e-mail Camp Hydaway at


  • The Liberty Way must be followed at all times.
  • Males and females must sleep in separate tents and camp sites.
  • A maximum of two 4-person tents per campsite with a maximum of 8 persons per campsite is permitted.
  • All campground users are expected to clean up after themselves. Please do not leave out trash, equipment, etc.
  • The lake, beach, open fields, challenge course, and lounge spaces are available only during operating hours of Camp Hydaway. They are not to be used after hours.

Camp Fires

  • All camp fires must be made within the established fire ring at each camp site.
  • No camp fire should ever be unattended.
  • No camp fires should ever be lit during a burn ban.
  • Camp fires must be put out completely before leaving the campsite.
  • Horse play of any kind around a camp fire is not permitted.