Challenge Course

Hydaway Outdoor Recreation Center offers both a Low and a High Challenge Course for the students, faculty and staff of Liberty University.  Challenge courses rely on the Experiential Education learning method that utilizes direct physical experiences to teach.  The programs provide opportunities for fun and challenging events that will help to expand your “comfort zone” as well as develop positive character attributes.

The Low Course Program consists of a series of ground-based initiatives and elements which primarily foster teamwork, individual leadership and followship skills. Low course elements consisting of cables, small structures, and ropes provide groups the opportunity to participate in a series of challenging yet fun activities involving mental, physical, and emotional risk-taking in a supportive team environment. Some of our low element highlights are a Wild Woosey, Team Triangle, and our 12 foot wall.

The High Course Program is a set of obstacles made with a series of ropes, cables, and logs high above the ground, and is geared more toward developing character through individual challenges. Hydaway has trained facilitators who will guide participants through the high ropes elements. Some examples of our High elements are a Dangle Duo, Multivine Traverse, Leap of Faith, and our Flying Squirrel.

Hydaway will provide a supportive and exciting environment where individuals and groups reach beyond their expectations and try new adventures. No special skills are required to participate in either the Low or High Challenge Course Program. 


To schedule your appointment for a Challenge Course experience, please email Mariah Herring. We recommend at least 6 participants to fully utilize the equipment, groups of 8-12 people are ideal. We offer sessions ranging from 2-4 hours. We will work with you to customize your experience and be sure that you get the most out of your time spent with us.

Appointment only



Hydaway offers a few Saturdays throughout the semester where we open our zipline for use!  Students, faculty, and staff are able to attend these events and experience the thrill of our zipline.

April 8th, 1:00pm-5:00pm