Student Internship Information

It’s important to have an understanding of the timeline for the internship process from start to finish. Although the class only takes place during one semester (usually the summer after the student’s junior year), the process will actually begin during the fall semester prior to the summer of service. There are several specific requirements of the intern before, during and after the internship process. Though some assignments require mentor participation, the intern is responsible for completing and turning in all student assignments. More detailed descriptions of assignments are included in the back of the Internship Handbook.

Student Testimonials

“My internship prepared me specifically for the area of study that God has called me to. I was able to participate in opportunities that I have never been able to experience, and I was stretched in many ways. I learned more about myself, my calling, and most importantly about my God.” – Paul

“It was an incredible opportunity for me to study under a godly example who strived for the best out of his people and himself. Going into this summer I dreaded the church I was headed to, but God completely changed my view of that type of ministry and that area.” – Michele

“The Center for Worship Internship is a great experience and a blessing for not only the church where we serve, but for us as a student as well.” – John

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