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Partner with the Liberty University Center for Music & Worship

A win-win opportunity for students and local worship ministries, our internships allow churches, ministers of music, pastors and congregations to invest in the lives of some of the brightest and most gifted worship musicians. This internship benefits our students as it provides much needed opportunities for them to be mentored and trained by professionals. This 10-week mentoring experience is strategically designed for churches seeking to engage aspiring worship leaders in meaningful ministry opportunities.

Why Choose a Liberty University Worship Intern?

Liberty University's mission is Training Champions for Christ. Center for Music & Worship students are part of a movement devoted to teaching God's people of the 21st century how to worship in spirit and truth.

Our students:

  • Have a heart for God and passion for worship.
  • Recognize the necessity of knowing and understanding their calling to lead God's people in worship
  • Are servant-leaders that know how to minister to God's people through worship.

Types of Ministries that Participate in the Internship

Students are sent to comprehensive worship ministries all around the globe. They serve under the watchful eye of skilled, loving mentors that integrate the interns into their daily routine, weekly staff meetings and regular worship activities. Interns are equipped for a variety of internship opportunities including missions trips, choir direction, weekly service preparation, technical production assistance and leading congregational worship. Students with degrees in Songwriting, Music & Worship, Commercial Music, Leadership Communication and Music & World Cultures are available to intern.

Ministry Obligations for an Intern

Responsibilities include service of 40 hrs. per week for 10 weeks and aid in the regular worship ministry or a growing church, para-church organization, mission field or denominational agency. Participating ministries are requested to supply room and board (usually in the home of a church member), help with travel expenses to and from their place of service and extend quality supervision and mentoring. A short weekly report is to be completed by the mentoring agent. 

Secure a School of Music Intern

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