2013-2014 Residential Undergraduate Academic Programs

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2013-2014 Course Sequencing


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Aeronautics:  Airline Flight Attendant-AA
Aeronautics:  Commercial/Corporate-BS
Aeronautics:  Military-BS
Aeronautics:  Missions-BS
Aeronautics:  Unmanned Aerial Systems-BS
American Sign Language and Interpreting-BA
Applied Internet Technologies-BS (formerly Web Technology and Design)
Artist Development-BM
Athletic Training-BS
Aviation Maintenance Technician-AA

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Biblical Studies-BA
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology-BS
Biology: Biomedical Sciences-BS
Biology: Cell & Molecular Biology-BS
Biology: Environmental Biology-BS
Biology: Environmental Science, Teacher Licensure-BS
Biology: General Biology-BS
Biology: General Biology, Teacher Licensure-BS
Biology: Zoo and Wildlife Biology-BS
Biology: Zoology-BS
Biomedical Sciences-BS
Business Administration:  Communications-BS
Business Administration:  Economics-BS
Business Administration:  Finance-BS
Business Administration:  Financial Planning-BS
Business Administration:  Human Resource Management-BS
Business Administration:  International Business-BS
Business Administration:  Marketing-BS
Business Administration:  Project Management-BS
Business Administration, Teacher Licensure-BS
Business Management Information Systems:  Accounting Information Systems-BS
Business Management Information Systems:  Application Development-BS
Business Management Information Systems:  Data Networking-BS
Business Management Information Systems:  Database-BS
Business Management Information Systems:  Gaming Technologies-BS
Business Management Information Systems:  Global Studies-BS
Business Management Information Systems:  Information Assurance-BS
Business Management Information Systems:  Intelligence-BS
Business Management Information Systems:  Web Development-BS

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Cell & Molecular Biology-BS
Choral Music:  Concentration in Music Education-BM
Church Ministries:  Adventure Leadership and Outdoor Ministry-BS
Church Ministries:  Women's Ministries-BS
Church Ministries:  Worship-BS
Church Ministries:  Youth Ministries-BS
Cinematic Arts-BS
Commercial Music:  Film Scoring (Film & Media)
Commercial Music:  Jazz Studies
Communication Studies:  Advertising and Public Relations-BS
Communication Studies:  Digital Media-BS
Communication Studies:  Journalism-BS
Communication Studies:  Speech Communication-BS
Computer Science-BS
Computer Science:  Intelligence-BS
Computer Science, Teacher Licensure-BS
Criminal Justice-AA
Criminal Justice-BS

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Elementary Education Integrated Studies:  English-BS
Elementary Education Integrated Studies:  Mathematics-BS
Elementary Education Integrated Studies:  Science-BS
Elementary Education Integrated Studies:  Social Science-BS
Elementary Education Integrated Studies:  Spanish-BS
Engineering:  Computer Engineering-BS
Engineering:  Electrical Engineering-BS
Engineering:  Electrical Engineering:  Intelligence-BS
Engineering:  Industrial and Systems Engineering-BS
English, Teacher Licensure-BA
Environmental Biology-BS
Exercise Science:  Fitness Specialist-BS
Exercise Science:  Pre-Professional-BS

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Family and Child Development-BS
Family and Consumer Sciences-BS
Family and Consumer Sciences, Teacher Licensure-BS
Fashion Merchandising and Interiors: Fashion Merchandising-BS
Fashion Merchandising and Interiors:  Interior Design-BS

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Global Studies-BS
Government:  International Relations-BA
Government:  Politics and Policy-BA
Government:  Politics and Policy-BS
Government:  Western Legal Traditions-BA
Government:  Western Legal Traditions-BS
Guitar Performance-BM

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Health Promotion:  CHES-BS
Health Promotion:  Clinical-BS
History:  History-BA
History:  History-BS

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Individualized Studies-BA
Individualized Studies-BS
Instrumental Music:  Concentration in Music Education-BM
Interdisciplinary Studies-BS
International Relations:  International Politics and Policy-BA
International Relations:  Strategic Intelligence Studies-BA

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Kinesiology:  Health & Phy. Educ., Non-Licensure-BS
Kinesiology:  Health & Phy. Educ, Teacher Licensure-BS

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Leadership Communication-BM

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Mathematics, Teacher Licensure-BS
Mathematics:  Actuarial-BS
Music:  Artist Development-BM
Music:  Commercial Music:  Film Scoring (Film & Media)
Music:  Commercial Music:  Jazz Studies
Music:  Choral Music:  Concentration in Music Education-BM
Music:  Guitar Performance-BM
Music:  Instrumental Music:  Concentration in Music Education-BM
Music:  Leadership Communication-BM
Music:  Piano Performance-BM
Music:  Songwriting-BM
Music:  String Performance-BM
Music:  Vocal Performance-BM
Music:  Woodwind, Brass, or Percussion Performance-BM
Music:  Worship Studies-BM
Music and Worship:  Biblical Studies-BS
Music and Worship:  Business-BS
Music and Worship:  Cinematic Arts-BS
Music and Worship:  Pastoral Leadership-BS
Music and Worship:  Theatre Ministries-BS
Music and Worship:  Women's Ministries-BS
Music and Worship:  Worship Technology-BS
Music and Worship:  Youth Ministry-BS
Music in World Cultures-BM
Music Instrumental-BA
Music Instrumental-BS
Music Vocal-BA
Music Vocal-BS

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Pastoral Leadership-BS
Piano Performance-BM
Psychology:  Counseling, Clinical, or Research-BS
Psychology:  Counseling and Human Development-BS
Psychology:  Human Services-BS

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Religious Studies:  Biblical Languages-BS
Religious Studies:  Global Studies-BS
Religious Studies:  Jewish Studies-BS
Religious Studies:  New Testament-BS
Religious Studies:  Old Testament-BS
Religious Studies:  Theology and Apologetics-BS

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Social Sciences-BS
Social Sciences, Teacher Licensure-BS
Spanish, Teacher Licensure-BA
Special Education Integrated Studies-BS
Sport Management-BS
String Performance-BM
Studio and Digital Arts (formerly Visual Communication Arts-VCAR):  Graphic Design-BS
Studio and Digital Arts (formerly Visual Communication Arts-VCAR):  Studio Art-BS 
Studio and Digital Arts (formerly Visual Communication Arts-VCAR):  Studio Art, Teacher Licensure-BS 

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Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language (TES/FL)-BA
Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language (TES/FL), Teacher Licensure-BA
Technical Studies-AAS
Theatre Arts:  Performance-BA
Theatre Arts:  Production-BA
Theatre Arts, Teacher Licensure-BA

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Vocal Performance-BM

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Woodwind, Brass, or Percussion Performance-BM
Worship Studies-BM

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 Zoo and Wildlife Biology-BS

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