Environmental Health and Safety

At Liberty University, safety is a shared responsibility that requires the active involvement of faculty, students and staff in all departments and positions. Whether you work in or use a laboratory, art studio, or an outdoor location off-site -- our number one goal, is to help you be as safe as possible.

If you don't find what you're looking for here, please contact us at SafetyMatters@liberty.edu.

Safety Policies Safety in Laboratories
Security Safety in in Christian Service
Building and Indoor Air Quality Safety in Arts and Theater
Emergency Safety in Scene Shop
Fire and Life Safety Safety in Activities & Recreation


Safety Policies

Liberty University has written safety policies in compliance with OSHA and VOSHA as well as specific policies to address the activities unique to the University. John Peterson in Human Resources can assist you with OSHA and VOSHA training required for your job.


LUPD is responsible for maintain the security for the campus. Each of us, Faculty, Student and Staff are equally charged with the goal of making the campus as safe as possible. Should you witness or be involved in an emergency situation you should call 3911 from any campus phone or (434) 592-3911 from your cell phone.

Building Safety and Indoor Air Quality

Many safety concerns focus on general building conditions. Campus personnel may notice that a stair tread has come loose, that clutter or bicycles are blocking an egress. or that the air quality within a building is concerning. These safety concerns are usually addressed by the University's Field Operations Department, Office of Risk Mgt & Safety or a team of people from several departments. 

Emergency: If you perceive smoke, an imminent threat of fire, or a sudden onset of unexplained symptoms that affect several people in an area, Consider that an emergency and Call 3911,

Non-Urgent Work Requests: Minor repairs that are not likely to cause immediate harm to personnel or damage to buildings should be scheduled through the University's work order system (learn how to use the work order system). If you believe the repair requires immediate service please email SafetyMatters@liberty.edu.

Indoor Air Quality and Odors: Unexplained odors or isolated and non-severe symptoms that appear suddenly should be reported to Field Operations by calling Field Operations (434)592-3298. Long-term, sub-acute and non-sever concerns about indoor environmental quality should be directed to SafetyMatters@liberty.edu.

Safety in Christian/Community Service

 The Center for Christian/Community Service seeks to support the University in fulfilling its Mission and Aims by providing experiences for students that:

  1. Promote the development of the Christian worldview as it impacts upon lifestyles, decision making, personal integrity, and social responsibility.
  2. Develop a sense of responsibility to mankind which entails selfless service, and active and clear communication of the Christian faith.
  3. Offer opportunities for students to explore and practice ways in which they may glorify God and advance the cause of Christ through their chosen careers.
  4. Provide avenues to explore ways of displaying Christian commitment and virtue through local churches, or social, civic, athletic, artistic, and scholastic organizations which are compatible with the University's overall mission.

In support of this uniquely Liberty program, the Office of Risk Management works with the Center for Christian/Community Service to develop risk management plans specific to the service programs being offered its students. If you have any questions regarding safety and risk management related to Christian/Community Service programs or you need help with safety measures or advice, please contact us at SafetyMatters@Liberty.edu.

Safety in Activities and Recreation

Liberty University offers its students and staff access to many fun challenging activities and recreational resources. Students and staff are advised to learn about the risk to injury which they assume when participated in these activities. Some activities place physical demands on your body and should only be attempted with proper preparation, which may include strength training, coordination exercises and pre-participation stretching. Other activities, such as the rental of ATV's, require attendance in safety classes as well as the use of protective gear both of which are made available to you by Liberty University.