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Personal Safety & Security Policy

As an institution of higher education, Liberty University is responsible for providing reasonable access to its programs, activities and facilities to students, members of the public, and employees. LU is also concerned about the personal safety and security of its students, employees and guests.

Violence and threats of violence against members of the University community or visitors are unacceptable. It is the responsibility of our faculty, staff and students to report acts or threats of violence to LU Police Department and/or appropriate supervisory personnel. The emergency number for Police assistance while on campus is 3911. The non-emergency number for Police Department is 592-7642.

For the purposes of this policy, violence and threats of violence include, but are not limited to:

  • Any act which is physically assaultive;
  • Any substantial threat to harm another individual or to in any way endanger the safety of others;
  • Behaviors or actions interpreted by a reasonable person as carrying the potential for violence and/or acts of aggression;
  • Any substantial threat to destroy property.
  • The guidelines that appear below establish procedures that should be followed by persons who believe that their personal safety or security is threatened while on campus or in connection with their participation in University-sponsored programs, activities, or employment. These guidelines also apply to employees who learn of threats against others through their responsibilities on the job. Anyone facing acts or threats of violence under any circumstances, whether or not on campus or University-connected, is urged to immediately contact LU Police Department or the nearest available police department.


Students should first contact LU Police Department for assistance. In the case of threatening behavior occurring in LU residence halls, the student should also bring the incident to the attention of the Director of Residential Life, either directly or through a residence hall staff member. LU Police Department are also available to off-campus students.

Any student who engages in behavior violating the rights of others as described in the Cat's Tale policy may be subject to University disciplinary action (such as written warnings, probation, campus residence relocation or eviction, suspension, or expulsion), as well as civil or criminal legal action. 


Employees should first contact LU Police Department for assistance. Police Department will then conduct an assessment and provide appropriate safety measures. An employee can also obtain assistance by contacting his/her immediate supervisor or department head, or the next-senior University official in the event that the immediate supervisor or department head is the source of the perceived threat. Other University offices available to assist employees include the Office of Human Resources, the Safety Program Manager, the Office of Risk Management and the Employee Assistance Program. However, anyone who perceives an immediate threat of injury or is uncertain of their safety should immediately contact the police.

Any employee who engages in behavior that violates the law, violates University policy, or violates the rights of others may be subject to University disciplinary action (such as reprimand, suspension, or termination), as well as civil or criminal legal action. 

Visitors to Campus

Persons visiting campus for the purpose of participating in University-sponsored programs or activities or other authorized and lawful purposes should contact LU Police Department for assistance. 

Response Planning

LU Police Department will evaluate each perceived threat to personal security and safety in light of its specific facts and circumstances. Police Department will work collaboratively, with the most senior involved University official and the Provost or Vice President for Administration or their designee, to develop a response plan that will include appropriate protective measures for those who have received threats. Every effort will be made to facilitate a rapid, thorough, and effective response within the requirements of University policy and local, state and federal law. Under certain circumstances, other professional personnel, such as the Employee Assistance Program, the Counseling and Testing Center, the Employee Relations Coordinator, or others, may be consulted or asked to participate in a "Crisis Intervention Team", which can provide consultation and assistance to police and senior University officials attempting to resolve difficult problems.

Considerations for Response

  • The immediate safety needs of the person threatened;
  • evaluation of and response to the person allegedly making the threats;
  • communication with the person threatened, supervisors, and others, as appropriate given the nature of the threat and the rights of all parties involved;
  • ongoing monitoring of the situation after the immediate crisis has passed.

Any person dissatisfied with the assistance or response by his/her immediate supervisor or department head may file a written complaint with the next senior University official. This complaint will then proceed through normal institutional channels, and employees may avail themselves of grievance processes otherwise having jurisdiction over such matters.

A student dissatisfied with the response provided by a member of the Residence Hall staff may file complaint with the Director of Residential Life.

In all instances, efforts to resolve such incidents will take into account the rights of any interested parties as recognized under University policy and governing laws.

LU Police Department 592-7642 or click here.

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