The Second Reformation: Baptists in Colonial America Released

June 7, 2013

Liberty University Press recently released “The Second Reformation: Baptists in Colonial America,” a historical text on the evolution of one of the major American Christian denominations: Baptists. Author Bruce Snavely details the driving forces behind the evolution and growth of American Baptists, while answering the question “Whatever happened to the Christian Reformation which began under Martin Luther?”

“This book endeavors to present the Second Reformation not only through the lens of Luther’s movement, but that of the historical dissent community preceding it,” Snavely said. “One of the greatest histories of modern religious groups belongs to this non-descript group of Baptists who emerged from the Great Awakening convinced that God required Biblical obedience coupled with the continuous need for revival.”

Snavely’s well-documented text includes extensive footnotes and a bibliography for students, scholars, or any individual interested in the field of religious studies. “The Second Reformation: Baptists in Colonial America” is now available in paperback on and

About the Author

Bruce Snavely is the founder and president of Global Baptist Training Foundation. After spending 20 years doing church-planting work and 12 years in Christian higher education, Snavely is now passionate about training national pastors globally. He holds a Ph.D. in historical theology from Trinity College at the University of Bristol, UK. Snavely and his wife Grace have four children and five grandchildren.