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Service Learning

Benefits to Service-Learning

The Impact of Service Learning

The Effects of Service Learning on Retention



Journal of Higher Education Outreach & Engagement

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Corporation for National and Community Service

VA Engage Network


Worldview/Faith Integration

Defining Integration

Biblical Integration: What it is and is not.

Journals and Articles

Christian Higher Education Journal

Baker, S.L. (2004). Book review: The Integration of Faith and Learning: A Worldview Approach by Robert A. Harris.

Felch, S.M. (1998). A faith-shaped approach to English studies. Tenure Statement on Scholarship, Calvin.

Gill, J.H. (1979). Faith in learning: Integrative education and incarnational theology. Christian Century, 1009.

Smith, G.T. (1996). Spiritual formation in the academy: A Unifying model. Faculty Dialogue.

Other Resources

Institute for Christian Teaching

Reasons to Believe

Suggestions for (Re)Integrating Faith and Learning by Dr. Will Honeycutt.