Initial Licensure Exams

Candidates who are interested in a teaching or advanced state license must complete a Virginia Department of Education approved program. To be eligible for verification forms for other states, the licensure office must verify that candidates have completed one of our approved licensure programs. Programs that lead to licensure will involve coursework, licensure tests, and student teaching or internship.

Praxis Core (previous Praxis I) 

To locate available testing centers and register, please visit the Praxis testing site. To determine eligibility for possible substitution of SAT/ACT scores, please see Gate 2 testing requirements.

  • Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators: Mathematics (5732)
    • Passing Score: 150
    • Probation Score: 145
    • Effective Date: If taken on or after Jan. 1, 2014
  • Praxis I: Math
    • Passing Score: 178
    • Probation Score: 172
    • Effective Date: If taken on or prior to Dec. 31, 2013

 Study Resources

Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (VCLA) 

To locate available testing centers and register, please visit

  • Required Composite Score: 470

Study Resources 

Reading for Virginia Educators (RVE) 

To locate available testing centers and register, please visit

  • Required Composite Score: 157

Test Codes

  • RVE (paper-based): 0306
  • RVE (computer-based): 5306

Study Resources 

  • Complete reading methods course prior to the test
    • Undergraduate: EDUC 317/318/319
    • Graduate: EDUC 554
  • ETS Study Materials
  • Review the booklet Put Reading First
    • DVDs of Put Reading First are also on reserve in the Curriculum Library. Students may view these videos in the Curriculum Library.

Praxis Subject Assessment (previous Praxis II) 

 To locate available testing centers and to register, please visit the Praxis testing site. The following tests and composite scores are required for the endorsement (teaching specialist) areas as indicated. NOTE: Not all Praxis Subject Assessments are available in a computer-based format, so be sure to plan ahead.

Required Passing Scores

Study Resources 

Additional Test Support and Tutoring 

  • Campus Resources
    • Accommodations Related to a Documented Disability: If you have a documented disability and think you may need special accommodations to complete the required test(s), please see the individual testing pages and/or contact the Liberty University Office of Disability and Academic Services (ODAS) for more information.
    • Math Emporium and Math Courses (for further support and practice)
      • MATH 100/MATH 100L*
      • MATH 110/MATH 110L*
      • *Optional companion labs may be taken concurrently with MATH 100 and MATH 110. Each lab will provide weekly live online sessions with a math instructor. During this time, candidates will be able to walk through examples, receive additional instruction through live synchronous sessions, and have the opportunity to ask questions with immediate answers (similar to being in a classroom).
    • Writing Services
  • Sylvan Learning Tutoring (Available for both residential and online students)
  • Resources (Available for online students only)

Documenting Test Scores 

Even though test scores are sent to Liberty electronically from the testing company, the candidates are responsible for printing and storing records of the official score sheets. Official score sheets must be submitted by the candidate as a scanned copy at various Gates. A hard copy of the official score sheets must be submitted by the candidate to the Liberty University Teacher Licensure Office for Gate 4 paperwork.
For additional test score documentation assistance:

View more information about licensure assessments from the Virginia Department of Education.