Global Business Development Program

Global Business Development Program

The Global Business Development Program connects talented business students with global business experience opportunities. Each year, the School of Business will send selected students overseas to assist in a new or upcoming business development venture. Not only will selected local students help perform business, financial and managerial due diligence; but more importantly, students will work with the teams in their respective countries to help maximize their impact.

Through this venture, business students are afforded the opportunity to utilize and test their academic prowess and practical experience in real world business in a foreign business arena. Students will be paired with a team and spend several weeks in a foreign country working alongside locals and getting invaluable hands on international business experience. Students will be able to see international tax regulations, business laws, customs, and cultural differences that will distinguish them amongst their peers.

School of Business Entrepreneurship Program

The mission of the International Business Development Program within the School of Business is to continue Liberty University’s commitment to training well rounded leaders in tomorrow’s workplace. The program will use the skills and information possessed by students to aid organizations around the world involved in business creation and development.

Apply for a Trip

If you are interested in the Global Business Development program and would like to apply, please fill out this application. Once you have completed your application, please submit it by email to