2013-2014 Degree Completion Plans

Liberty University Online Undergraduate Programs


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Accounting - AA
Accounting - BS
Aeronautics - BS
Aeronautics: Aviation Maintenance Management - BS
Applied Web Technologies - BS



Biblical and Educational Studies - BS
Business - AA 
Business Administration: Communications - BS
Business Administration: Economics - BS  
Business Administration: Entrepreneurship - BS 
Business Administration: Finance - BS
Business Administration: Financial Planning
Business Administration: General - BS
Business Administration: Green and Sustainable Management - BS
Business Administration: Healthcare Management - BS
Business Administration: Human Resource Management - BS
Business Administration: International - BS
Business Administration: Marketing - BS
Business Administration: Project Management - BS
Business Administration: Public Administration - BS
Business Management Information Systems - AA
Business Management Information Systems: Accounting Information Systems - BS
Business Management Information Systems: Application Development - BS
Business Management Information Systems: Database - BS
Business Management Information Systems: Data Networking - BS
Business Management Information Systems: Gaming Technologies -BS
Business Management Information Systems: Information Assurance - BS
Business Management Information Systems: Intelligence -BS
Business Management Information Systems: Web Development - BS



Christian Leadership and Management - BS
Criminal Justice - AA
Criminal Justice - BS
Criminal Justice: Business Administration and Management - BS
Criminal Justice: Criminal Psychology - BS
Criminal Justice: Forensics - BS
Criminal Justice: Homeland Security - BS
Criminal Justice: Public Administration - BS
Criminal Justice: Strategic Intelligence Studies - BS
Criminal Justice: Youth Corrections - BS


Early Childhood Education - AA
Education - AA
Early Childhood Education Interdisciplinary Studies - BS
Elementary Education Interdisciplinary Studies - BS


Interdisciplinary Studies - AA
Interdisciplinary Studies - BS



Medical Office Assistant - AAS



Nursing - RN to BSN



Paralegal Studies - AA
Paralegal Studies - BS
Psychology - AA
Psychology: Christian Counseling - AA
Psychology - BS
Psychology: Addictions and Recovery - BS 
Psychology: Christian Counseling - BS
Psychology: Crisis Counseling - BS
Psychology: Life Coaching - BS
Psychology: Military Resilience - BS



Religion - AA
Religion: Biblical and Theological Studies - BS
Religion: Christian Counseling - BS
Religion: Christian Ministries - BS
Religion: Evangelism - BS



Special Education Interdisciplinary Studies - BS



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