Orbitz for Business Fees


Standard Air  $   7.00
Non-Standard Air- SW  $ 10.00
Rail  $ 10.00
Hotel  $   2.00
Car  $   2.00
Offline-By phone  
Standard Air  $ 22.00
Non-Standard Air-SW  $ 25.00
Rail  $ 25.00
Hotel  $   2.00
Car  $   2.00
Agent Assistance  $ 15.00


Miscellaneous Information

  • Take advantage of the loyalty rewards programs available to travelers by registering with each vendor on the travel home page and append your member number to your profile.
  • Travel Arrangers- Please access your traveler’s profile when making reservations. Do not just type in the name of the traveler, unless they are a guest, as this will prevent the traveler from accessing their own trip information.
  • Remember to cancel airline reservations before the start date or the ticket will have no residual value.