BS in Government

Bachelor of Science in Government (B.S.)

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Residential Program

Get the groundwork you need in understanding the exercise of government, politics, law, public economics, administration, and policy.

With a Bachelor of Science in Government, you'll study limited government, political theory, law and political and economic ideals. At the Helms School of Government, we'll equip you to become a highly qualified leader in your career capable of impacting the world. 

Learn How To:

  • Evaluate the nature and role of government from a biblical worldview
  • Communicate effectively in both written and oral formats
  • Integrate ethical and values-driven decision making in government scenarios
  • Evaluate political or government-related dilemmas

Careers You Could Have:

Politics and Policy:

  • City Manager
  • Legislative Analyst
  • Political Consultant
  • Political Scientist
  • Politician
  • Public Administrator


  • Attorney
  • Judge
  • Legislation Analyst
  • Politician
  • Public Administrator
  • Federal Agent

Academic Information

Credit Hours

  • 120 hours minimum

Choose a Specialization:

Politics and Policy - Desire to be directly involved in the political process or policy advising? This specialization will prepare you for employment or further graduate study in politics, public administration, and public policy. 

Western Legal Traditions -  Get grounded in government, law, writing, public speaking, logic, and other skills that will help you master your professional law examination (LSAT) and other admissions requirements to law school. If you're not planning on pursuing law school, this specialization will prepare you for employment in public or political organizations or for work in legal fields in a non-lawyering capacity.

Courses You Could Take:

  • American Government : GOVT 220
  • Political Economy & Public Policy : GOVT 350
  • Modern Political & Economic Ideas : GOVT 302
  • American Constitutional Law: GOVT 422

Programs of Study (DCPs)

Where Students Have Interned

Find internship opportunities on our internships page and at the LU Network.

  • Liberty Counsel 
  • Judicial Watch
  • International Justice Mission
  • The Heritage Foundation 
  • Concerned Women for America 
  • Republican National Committee 
  • Various congressional offices (especially Burr and Collins)
  • Liberty Center for Law and Policy 
  • Family Research Council 
  • House Judiciary Committee 

Where Alumni Have Worked

  • The American Legislative Exchange Council
  • The American Israel Public Affairs Committee  
  • Gun Owners of America 
  • Institute for Energy Research 
  • Legislative Correspondent for Congressman Peter Roskam
  • CoStar Group 
  • Christians United for Israel Action Fund 
  • The Federalist Society