Division of Auxiliary Services Contact Information

General Contact Information

phone (434) 592-6794
email Auxiliary Services Administration
hours 8:00 am-5:00 pm, M-F
2668 Green Hall







Management Staff


Samuel “Lee” Beaumont

Senior Vice President, Auxiliary Services

Email: lbeaumont@liberty.edu

Phone:  (434) 592-3315


Louis Cambeletta

Assistant Vice President, Auxiliary Services

Email:  lbcambeletta@liberty.edu

Phone:  (434) 592-7286


Samantha Morris

Office Manager, Auxiliary Services

Email:  smorris4@liberty.edu

Phone:  (434) 592-6794


Chris Misiano

Assistant Vice President, Campus Recreation

Email:  cjmisiano@liberty.edu

Phone:  (434) 592-3144


Douglas “Drew” Sherwood

General Manager, Skate Park & Snowflex

Email:  ddsherwood@liberty.edu

Phone:  (434) 592-4390


Jack “Ed” Barnhouse

Director, Intramural Sports

Email:  ebarnhouse@liberty.edu

Phone:  (434) 592-3058


Jeff Boettger

Associate Director, Club Sports

Email:  jkboettger@liberty.edu

Phone:   (434) 592-3952


Kirk Handy

Athletic Director, Campus Recreation

Email:  kshandy@liberty.edu

Phone:  (434) 592-4193


Mitra Vaughter

Director, Events Management 

Email:  qvaughter@liberty.edu

Phone:  (434) 592-3510


Meghan Wall

Assistant Director, Events Management 

Email:  mwall7@liberty.edu

Phone:  (434) 592-6403


Kathleen Spence

Manager, Quality Control and Equipment Management 

Email:  kspence@liberty.edu

Phone:  (434) 592-4085


Robert Boyer

Senior Director, Postal Services, Fulfillment, and Warehousing

Email:  rboyer@liberty.edu

Phone:   (434) 592-3920


Ted Sweet

Director, Transit Services

Email:  tsweet@liberty.edu

Phone:  (434) 582-2833