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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You will attend one required weekly class meeting, work in a computer lab called the Math Emporium for an additional three hours each week, and complete one unit of lessons each week. Faculty and tutors are available to provide personalized assistance. The lessons are delivered by specialized software and consist of videos, homework, and quizzes.

  • The goal was to redesign the courses to increase student learning through the effective use of technology. The content of the courses remains the same. The delivery method changed to a combination of a teacher-directed classroom meeting and a student-directed learning lab that requires much more active participation from students than passive lecture-only formats of the past. 
    In the redesigned courses, each student works whenever it best fits his schedule as long as he attends class and meets weekly deadlines for completing homework and quizzes. Math 100 and Math 110 students must also work in the Math Emporium during scheduled hours. Once a student has mastered the content of one lesson, he can immediately start the next.

  • The instructor will present new material for the upcoming week, follow-up on weaknesses identified by quizzes and tests, provide tips on how to learn in the emporium environment, and check on students’ progress. Attendance is required.

  • You will not be permitted to enter the Emporium without your pass. You will swipe in at one of the card scanners at the front desk, and the attendant will let you know if you have been successfully swiped in. The Math Emporium is only available to students enrolled in the residential sections of MATH 100, 110, 115, 121, and 201.  Online students may not use the Math Emporium facilities.

    To check out of the Emporium, make sure to log out of the computer that you were using, and then return to the front desk and swipe out.  Again, the attendant will let you know if you have been successfully swiped out, and you must ALWAYS swipe out.  If you must leave to grab a snack, answer a phone call, or use the restroom, you do not have to log off of your computer; however, be advised that the Math Emporium staff cannot be held responsible for items left at your computer station or any work being completed on your computer.

  • While you are in the Emporium, you are expected to work on your math assignments.  After swiping in, you will sit in an area designated for your course and sign onto a computer.  Each week, you will be given a set of assignments to complete.. Every 4 to 5 weeks, you will be tested over the material covered in the previous weeks.
    All assignments are delivered by specialized software called MyLabsPlus. The web address is Each lesson has a short video with concepts and examples followed by homework exercises for practice. The software provides immediate feedback and tutorial help. The homework may be attempted an unlimited number of times on any computer until mastery has been achieved. Instructors and tutors give immediate, personalized instruction as needed. Tests and the final exam must be worked on in the Math Emporium.
  • The Math Emporium maintains a “lost and found” at the back of the room. Items such as phones, personal calculators, and car keys will be kept at the front desk.  If you believe you have left an item at the Emporium you may come in during our scheduled hours or call us at (434)-592-5956 and inquire about the item.  All items left after the last day of classes will be thrown away.


  • A student with a documented disability may contact the Office of Disability Academic Support (ODAS) in DeMoss 2016 to arrange for academic accommodations. ODAS will notify your professor of the appropriate accommodations, which may be extended time on tests or a quiet environment.


  • You will not be assigned to a specific computer; however, you must sit in a designated area.  Each row will be labeled with a course number and an arrow.  By sitting in this row, it will be easier for tutors to help you with your questions.  For MATH 100 and 110 students, your class will meet in a specific row each week.

  • It is possible that all available tutors and faculty are working with other students or unavailable to assist you.  If you have been waiting for an excessive amount of time, notify the attendant at the front desk and he/she will assist you if possible.

  • Unlike homework and test reviews, quizzes and practice tests are used to gauge your understanding of the material that you should already have learned while doing homework. Additionally, each quiz can be taken up to three times and the practice test can be taken an unlimited number of times. In each of these assignments, your highest grade will be kept.

  • Optional lectures and test reviews are held in the Math Emporium classroom. If you are struggling with your work, please contact your professor immediately and seek additional help. Some students may benefit from one-on-one tutoring sessions.

  • Each computer is connected to a power strip below the desk.  If your computer suddenly shuts off, check to see that it is securely plugged in.  Any work that you have completed will be saved automatically.  This includes work completed during a test.  If your computer is securely plugged in and still will not turn on or receives a blue screen error, place your red cup on top of the computer and someone will assist you

  • Many times, people will accidentally hit the caps lock button.  Since all passwords are case sensitive, check to see that caps lock is not enabled.  If your password does not work for the math website, simply close the browser and reopen it.  If the problem persists, place your red cup on top of the computer and someone will assist you.

  • During peak hours it is possible that the servers will be overloaded.  This may cause your computer to run slower and load webpages/ modules slowly. If you have already completed your hours for the week, you may complete the remaining assignments in your dorm or apartment.

  • If you fall behind due to an illness or emergency, please contact your instructor as soon as you can.  You are more than welcome to stay in the Emporium and work on math as long as you need to catch up.  Tutors will always be happy to assist you.  Please understand though that excessive use of the tutors’ help hinders their ability to assist other students.