Course Fees - Summer 2013 Residential

IMPORTANT NOTE: Fees (additions or deletions) are subject to change depending on approvals or decisions of the Administration.  Courses added later to the schedule may change the list.

Also, please note Graduate and Doctoral Intensives (noted with an asterisk*) which are held on campus are charged a $25.00 intensive fee. Some of the intensives may not appear in the list below because they are classified as Liberty University Online intensives, however the $25.00 is still applicable.

Subj/Crs Title Fee
ACCT211 Principles of Accounting I $35
ACCT299 Internship $225
APOL610 Miracles $25*
APOL697 Seminar: Apol in Western Culture $25*
ARTS222 Desktop Publishing $150
ARTS340 Publication Design $150
ARTS341 Graphic Design $150
ARTS351 Digital Imaging $150
ARTS371 Advanced Graphics $150
AVIA220 Priv Pilot Flight I Airplane $5,500.00
AVIA225 Priv Pilot Flight II Airplane $5,500.00
AVIA310 Instrument Ground $174.34
AVIA315 Commercial Ground $154.35
AVIA320 Instrument Flight $9,000.00
AVIA325 Commercial Flight I $7,000.00
AVIA326 Commercial Flight II $10,000.00
AVIA327 Commercial Flight III $5,000.00
AVIA435 Advanced Jet Systems $400.00
AVIA436 Advanced Jet Training $2,000.00
AVIA440 Multi-Engine Flight $7,000.00
BIOL203 Introductory Microbiology $50
BIOL214 Human Anatomy & Physiology Lab $50
BIOL216 Human Anatomy & Phys II Lab $50
BIOL419 Ornithology $50
BUSI201 Intermed Business Comp Appl $60
BUSI299 Internship $225
CHEM301 Organic Chemistry I $50
CHEM302 Organic Chemistry II $50
CINE299 Internship $225
CJUS299 Internship $225
COMS220 Mass Communication Writing $100
COMS299 Internship $225
COMS333 Video Production $60
CRFT101 Introduction to Craft Skills $35
DSMN697 Pedagog Parables:Tch of Jesus $25*
EDUC226 Instructional Design Pract:Ele $30
EDUC236 Content Instruct Design Pract $30
EDUC411 Elem School Curr Practicum $30
EDUC436 Content Curric Fund Practicum $30
ETHM530 Worship and Culture $25*
ETHM613 Applied Ethnomusicology $25*
EVAN565 Contemporary Evangelism $25*
EVAN697 Chur Plant in Post-Christian C $25*
EXSC320 Meas/Eval in Health & Kines $15
EXSC410 Applied Exercise Physiology $20
EXSC411 Applied Exercise Physio Lab $25
EXSC421 Practicum $25
HLTH499 Profess. Practice in Health Sc $25
INFT110 Computer Concepts & Applicatio $45
NBST652 Hermeneutics $25*
NBST682 Revelation $25*
NBST697 Johannine Theology $25*
NBST697 Of Kings & Men:Kngdm Tch Jesus $25*
NURS210 Health Assessment $80
NURS221 Fundamentals in Nursing $80
NURS440 Strategies for Community Hlth $80
NURS451 Strategies for Mental Health C $80
NURS460 Adv Strat for Adult Health Care $80
OBST697 Old Testmnt for Today's Pulpit $25*
OBST697 God's Covenants in Old Test $25*
PHSC211 Earth Science Lab $45
PHYS103 Elements of Physics Lab $45
PHYS201 General Physics I $45
PHYS202 General Physics II $45
THEO503 Modern & Contemp Christian Tho $25*
THEO644 Johannine Theology $25*
WMUS 225 Voice (Sophomore) $50
WMUS 325 Voice (Junior) $50
WMUS515 Grad Conducting for the Worshp $25*
WMUS550 Applied Music $25*
WRSP436 Christian Music Industry Semnr $50
WRSP545 Global Worship $25*
WRSP610 Tools/Tech:Contemporary Worshi $25*
WRSP645 Role of Pastor w/Worship Leade $25*