Kappa Delta Pi

Liberty University Online Graduate Chapter

The Liberty University Online Graduate Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi is an international honor society in education for graduate students and professionals.

NOTE: This page is for graduates and professionals. For the undergraduate KDP chapter program please visit the undergraduate chapter page.

Mission Statement

Kappa Delta Pi would like to:

  • Recognize those who excel academically
  • Promote growth in the world of education
  • Acknowledge those who display leadership in their work
  • Enhance fellowship of others in the field of education


To be eligible for membership into the KDP, you must be a graduate or student at an institution offering an education degree and must have a plan to continue academically and professionally in the field of education. Applicants should not have any discipline issues on file. Also, applicants must have completed at least six credit hours of graduate course work and have a minimum of twelve credit hours in education. Lastly, in order to be in KDP you must maintain a cumulative GPA of a 3.25 or higher.


Because the members of our group reside in various states, there are no expectations or requirements of attending meetings or participating in activities. We welcome your comments and suggestions so feel free to contact the counselor or officers listed below.


Counselor: Dr. Russ Claxton- rlclaxton@liberty.edu

Become a Member     

Applications will be accepted two times a year, once during the fall semester from Sept. 1-30, and once during the spring semester from March 1-31. To become a member you must complete the application during the application periods. After completion, your application will be reviewed for approval. Once approved you will receive notice on your acceptance as well as further steps regarding the initiation process. 

KDP Fees

As a member of KDP, you are required to pay two fees to the chapter. The first fee you will pay as you are filling out your application (if you are denied you will be given a refund).

The second fee is paid after you are accepted and before the initiation to the chapter. This is a fee of $10 and will go towards your KDP certificate. You can write out a check payable to "KDP Graduate Chapter” and send it to:


KDP Graduate Chapter

Liberty University 

1971 University Blvd

Lynchburg, VA 24515

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