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Liberty University Services - Online Program

Online Advising

Carissa Kregenow, B.S., M.B.A.
Director of Academic Advising

Each student has access to professional Academic Advisors who will assist the student with choosing and scheduling courses. Academic Advisors are available to answer any questions the student may have or to help solve unexpected problems. In addition, every course is managed by a faculty member who is available to answer course-related and academic questions.

New students will need to contact an Admissions Specialist who will guide students in course selection for the first semester and assist in all other preparations until the first day of class. On the first day of the first sub-term in which students are enrolled, all questions concerning academic issues should be directed to the Academic Advising Department. Students are encouraged to contact the Academic Advising Department for help with any school-related problems they may encounter during the academic year.

Online services include Webmail and ASIST (Automated Student Information Services Tool). Webmail serves as the primary means of communication between the University and the student. Students are each assigned a personal webmail account which they are advised to check on a weekly basis.  Using ASIST, students may register and drop courses, access and update their personal information, view their account balances, make online payments, view individual test and final course grades, email professors, view and calculate GPA, and apply for financial aid.

Informational Webinars

The Academic Advising Office provides informational webinars to new and current students via web conferencing.  Topics include:

  • New Student Orientation,
  • Fundamentals of Blackboard®
  • Institute of Military Resilience
  • Introduction to the Online Library

        For more information about webinar offerings, or to register for a webinar event, visit the webpage at /online/index.cfm?PID=16740.

Liberty University Bookstore

Students purchase all course materials from MBS Direct. Purchases can be made online by accessing the web page at Students should purchase materials after registration but prior to the sub-term start date (course activation). Liberty does not guarantee that required course materials will be available after the sub-term start date.

Materials for practica and required intensives can be purchased from MBS Direct.

Tuition does not cover the cost of course materials.


Intensive course schedules, enrollment procedures, tuition and fees, transportation and lodging information are accessible online at

Liberty University Online Library Services

Jeffrey M. Dull, B.S., M.S.L.S.
Liberty University Online Librarian

The Liberty University Jerry Falwell Library functions are organized and serviced through a well-qualified faculty and staff. The library provides a broad range of services to help students and faculty use information resources and technology effectively. These services include classroom-based instruction, personalized research assistance, and software support.

The library provides many of its services and resources to students in the Liberty University Online programs. Online students can access virtually all database resources through a proxy login system. In addition, they have direct toll-free telephone and email access to a librarian specializing in online support. The library is committed to being the primary source for Liberty University Online students by offering timely personal contact and document delivery in order to meet their specific needs. This includes the delivery of books and journal articles as well as research and reference services. Fees are assessed for copying, mailing, and faxing.

Liberty University Online students can contact the library by email research@ or phone 434-582-2821.

Disability Support

The Liberty University Online Office of Disability Academic Support (LU ODAS) exists to coordinate support services for online students with a documented disability. Under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, we seek to provide "reasonable" accommodations and create equal program access to all students. Our office works in conjunction with students and faculty to ensure that reasonable accommodations are made for students with documented disabilities. For more information, visit the ODAS web page (login required) or contact the Liberty University Online ODAS staff at

Career Center

The Career Center strives to assist students in realizing their God-given potential through developing career and education decisions that are rooted in their faith and values. They provide services and resources to help students utilize their academic training in preparation for their professional development. Through the Virtual Career Center, residential and online students, as well as alumni, have access to career services without closing hours.

       Website: Career Assessment Test – Focus 2 (Free to Students)
       Local and Regional Industry-SpecificCareer Fairs
       Online Job Database – LUNETWORK for internships, full-time, part-time opportunities all over the country
       Resume and Cover Letter Workshops and Critques
       Job Search and Research
       Graduate School Preparation
       Internships and Externships
       Washington Semester Fellowship Internship
       Virtual Career Center

Several programs are available to assist students in determining career goals and implementing appropriate educational plans. Through the Virtual Career Center, online job listings, career counseling, and a computerized career assessment, students are encouraged to explore various occupational fields, develop job-hunting skills, and research graduate education programs. Students are also encouraged to participate in externships and internships, which provide practical work experience and complement their formal education.

For more information on any of the stated topics, please visit the Career Center website at /career.

Liberty University’s exclusive employer relationship database, LUNETWORK, is the on-line database that has thousands of employers looking for Liberty students, recent graduates, and alumni.  Employers from all over the country (and world) are purposefully posting positions looking for Liberty talent.  Postings include internships and full time positions for both new graduates and seasoned professionals. Students and alumni can post their resume and search the database for positions all over the world.  Residential and Online Students and Alumni are eligible to utilize LUNETWORK for life.

All students are encouraged to complete an internship to assist with career planning and gain practical experience within their chosen field of study.  Approximately sixty-percent of all interns receive a full-time job offer.  Students may earn from one to six (in some cases nine) semester hours of credit.  Many majors require at least three credits.  All applicants for credit internships, which are listed in the University’s Catalog, are processed through the Liberty University Career Center. 

Completed applications must be submitted to the Career Center by the appropriate deadline (NO EXCEPTIONS).
The Career Center also provides a special internship opportunity through the Washington Semester Fellowship (WSF). This program allows students to live and work in Washington D.C. where they are placed in internships relevant to their career or academic interests. Students in the WSF earn six credits of internship while taking six online credits. Additional leadership and professional development training are also available to participants.

Students who are pursuing degrees leading to application for professional licensure or certification, and/or who will be participating in clinical placements, internships, or practica through their Liberty University program should be aware that a criminal background check, finger printing, or drug screening may be required by Liberty University and/or the host facility. 

Internships, Practica, and Clinical Placements
In such situations, each student is responsible for obtaining and paying for the background check or other screening process and for delivering required documentation to the facility.  Although the university will make reasonable efforts to place admitted students in field experiences and internship, it will be up to the host facility to determine whether a student will be allowed to work at that facility. 

Licensure-Based Degree Programs
Students in licensure-based degree programs are responsible for understanding the requirements of the program by becoming thoroughly familiar with the Degree Completion Plan (DCP) and the academic school’s web page that outlines degree requirements.

Students should further be aware that a criminal record may jeopardize licensure by the State certification body.  Students seeking licensure are urged to contact the relevant licensing agency to determine the licensing requirements for the jurisdiction.  Successful completion of a program of study at Liberty University does not guarantee licensure, certification, or employment in the relevant occupation.

Online Advocate Office

Jason Byrd, B.S., M.B.A.
Director of Online Advocate Office

The Liberty University Online Advocate Office is committed to making the student’s experience at Liberty University both positive and life changing.  The Online Advocate Office works directly with advisors as well as university support offices to help students overcome obstacles on the journey from enrollment through graduation.

Additional information can be accessed online at

Liberty Online Communities

Liberty University Online Communities exists to engage our students and be a source of spiritual encouragement. Various online resources are offered including:

  • Live church sermons
  • Chat with other viewers
  • View a schedule of events
  • Submit a prayer request
  • Find a church

More information is available at

Convocation and Campus Church

Rev. Johnnie Moore, Jr., B.S., M.A.R.
Vice President for Communications

As a dynamic institution vitally interested in the whole person, Liberty provides for physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual needs of the Liberty community. To meet these needs, Liberty provides opportunities for students to gather and serve as a community through convocations and campus church services.  Liberty University Online students are encouraged to attend church services as well as convocation when completing on campus intensives.

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