Ministry Exposure Trips

We are very excited about our 2015/2016 Ministry Exposure Trips.  This year we are expanding. In addition to our Fall and Spring Break trips, we are adding a Winter and Summer Break trip! While each trip is different, ultimately the goal of each trip is the same: to give you an opportunity to experience ministry in a unique context and have a life-changing experience doing so. Our prayer is that as a result of these trips you fall more in love with Jesus, grow in your understanding of ministry (and who is responsible for it), be a practical blessing to those you interact with by serving them and sharing Christ with them, and truly wrestle with the purpose of God in your life. 

The 2015/2016 trip teams will go to 15 different cities throughout the United States and more than 200 students will get an opportunity to take part in a variety of ministry opportunities. Spaces on the trips are limited. In order to be considered for a position, submit an application as soon as possible.

Summer 2016

How to Take Part in a Trip

  1. Fill out the official application located on the respective trip page.

  2. Not everyone will be invited to an interview, but if you are selected you will be called in for an interview to follow-up on your application. The goal of the interview is to determine whether the candidate is the best fit for this trip. An interview does not automatically mean you are on the trip, but it does bring you a step closer. After the interview process is completed the team will be selected and each applicant will receive an email letting them know of our decision. 

  3. Once you have been accepted for a trip, keep watching your email for any information regarding trip schedule, training, or any other meetings that may be required. At least two team meetings will occur 2-4 weeks before the trip. Both are required for taking part in the trip. 

  4. Take part in the trip, ask lots of questions, step outside your comfort zone on a regular basis, serve, build relationships, etc. 

  5. Fill out an evaluation for the trip. This is crucial for the CMT to know how the trip went, what could be done better, and keep track of stories and testimonies.


Trips Coordinator