Current Account Holders

Contact Info

Use the FAQ function of your Vibe Account

1 (877) 327-9515 (Sunday-Saturday, 8 a.m.-11 p.m. EST)

ACH Forms: 1 (866) 754-6216 (fax)

Identity Verification: 1 (866) 753-9180 (fax)

Deposit Slips: 


P.O. Box 9830
New Haven, CT 06536

Verify Your Identity

The Vibe Account is a checking account and is subject to compliance with the Patriot Act. Due to federal regulations, all financial institutions including BankMobile, are required to properly identify each of its account holders which require all bank account holders in the United States to verify their identity.

You may verify your identity by doing one of the following:

Students may visit ID & Campus Services for assistance with CIP verification.

*Acceptable forms of identification that may be requested by BankMobile include: government-issued photo ID, proof of date of birth, current proof of social security number, and current proof of physical address.

Deposit/Access Funds

Deposit Funds

Getting money into your Vibe Account is easy. To review your deposit options, log onto the BankMobile website, and select "Add Money" from the menu on the top of the page.

  • Direct deposit your paycheck.
  • Deposit checks with your smartphone using EasyDeposit Mobile.
  • Transfer money from a third party account.
  • Request money from friends and family with Sponsor accounts.
  • Wire transfer money from a third party account.
  • Deposit checks and money orders directly through the mail.
  • Send funds with a Western Union - Direct to Bank transfer.
  • Reload @ the Register to deposit cash. Retailers charge a convenience fee of $4.95 or less.

Access Funds

  • Make a purchase
  • ATM withdrawal
  • Write a check using online bill pay
  • Request an official check
  • Cash advance
  • Wire money
  • Cash back at a merchant with a debit transaction

Spending Limits

  • $500 per day for ATM withdrawals
  • $500 per day for debit PIN-based transactions
  • $2,500 per day for credit-related, Swipe & Sign transactions
  • $2,500 per day for Teller Withdrawal

ATM Locations

  • Demoss Hall - first floor by Argo Tea
  • Green Hall - Tilley Student Center
  • LUCOM (access to the building is required)
  • Use the Allpoint ATM locator to find a surcharge-free ATM near you.  

Replace Your BankMobile Card

Lost or Stolen

Log into the BankMobile website and select the Lost Card button under the Customer Service drop-down menu or call Customer Service at 1 (877) 327-9515 to report your card lost/stolen and order a new one. This will cancel your lost/stolen card and prevent any fraudulent use.


Contact BankMobile Customer Service at 1 (877) 327-9515 to order a new card. Explain that your card is expired to avoid the replacement fee. 


Contact BankMobile Customer Service at 1 (877) 327-9515 to replace a card that is no longer working or worn from regular wear and tear. This includes a horizontal crack on the card or the edges of the card being rubbed off.

*Please see the BankMobile fee schedule for any fees associated with replacing your BankMobile Vibe Card.

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