Military Withdrawals

When unexpected military duty requires you to withdraw from your course, you may have the option to receive a military withdrawal. A military withdrawal can be granted as a result of an appeal supported by specific military documentation. Students that are approved a military withdrawal receive a full refund of tuition for the course.

Standard Withdrawal Implications:

  • For online students, withdrawing will result in a percentage of tuition being assessed based on the date of withdrawal from the course.
  • For residential students, all billing hours will remain on the student's account for withdrawn courses and no refund will be issued.
  • Withdrawing from a course will not affect your university-given military benefits (i.e. Tuition Discounts).
  • Your Education Office may recoup Tuition Assistance funds used for your course.
  • You may be subject to Debt Management with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs if you used GI Bill® benefits for your course.
  • Grade of ‘W’ will be assigned and will appear on your academic transcript (this will not affect your GPA).
  • Withdrawing may affect your ability to use Financial Aid Title IV funds in future terms (Pell Grant, Student Loans, etc…) according to SAP policy.*

*Please note: The above implications apply to standard withdrawals (asking to be removed from a course after the add/drop period). Military students with qualifying situations may be able to appeal to receive a Military Withdrawal which, if approved, will waive the tuition charges associated with the withdrawal. If a military withdrawal is approved, you will need to check with Financial Aid to ensure your SAP standing will not be affected.

See the below steps for more information on How to Request a Military Withdrawal.

How to Request a Military Withdrawal

Step 1Withdraw from your course(s)

After you have exhausted all other available options, you may decide that you need withdraw from the course. Online students may contact an Academic Advisor at (855) 466-9218 to discuss this possibility, and residential students may visit the Office of the Registrar in-person.

 *Special notes for GoArmyEd Students*

  • Online:
    • If you use the GoArmyEd portal for your Tuition Assistance you will need to withdraw from your course on the GoArmyEd portal. Your withdrawal will then automatically be sent to Liberty University and we will process your request.
    • Please note that if you are enrolled in a course in a later subterm, you may also need to submit the Intent to Withdraw Form with Liberty if you intend to remain enrolled in your other courses. Please speak with your Academic Advisor about this requirement.
  • Residential:
    • If you used GoArmyEd Tuition Assistance for this course, you will also need to withdraw from the course on the GoArmyEd portal after you have withdrawn from the course through the Office of the Registrar. This will ensure that your Tuition Assistance is updated correctly.


Step 2Request a Military Withdrawal

Depending on your status as an online or residential student, you will need to follow a specific procedure to request your military withdrawal.

  • Online students will need to contact the Office of Military Affairs to see if their situation meets the criteria for a military withdrawal.
  • Residential students will need to contact the Student Advocate Office. The military contact in Student Advocate is Holly Nickerson. Be sure to bring/send a copy of your military deployment orders.
    • Name: Holly Nickerson
    • Phone: (434) 582-2355
    • Email:
    • Location: Student Advocate Office, Demoss Room 2247
    • Hours: M-F: 9am-6pm; W: 9am-5pm.


Step 3Submit Documentation for a Military Withdrawal

A thorough review of supporting military documentation is required for a military withdrawal to be approved. Supporting documentation includes a copy of your military orders or a letter from your commanding officer for review. These documents must be official and specific enough to indicate the dates of your deployment or duty.

  • Online students will submit documentation to the Office of Military Affairs.
  • Residential students will submit documentation when meeting with the Student Advocate POC in Step 2.

*Special Note for GoArmyEd Students*

  • Online: GoArmyEd students are not required to submit military documentation to Liberty University for a military withdrawal to be reviewed. When you submit your request to withdraw through the GoArmyEd portal, they will review your withdrawal request at that time to determine if it is for military reasons. You will be advised by GoArmyEd if any supporting documentation will be required for them to make a determination regarding your withdrawal request.
  • Residential: The process will not differ for residential GoArmyEd Students. They will still need to submit supporting military documentation to Liberty University for a military withdrawal to be reviewed.


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