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Study Tours

What is a Study Tour? 

Liberty University offers a variety of study tours that last anywhere between one week or 10-days to a few weeks. These trips offer a variety of academic and professional benefits to both the resident and online learner. Students in an undergraduate or graduate program can receive course credit through these short-term abroad programs while learning under the instruction of one of our resident faculty members. Please use the below contacts to gain information about each trip along with an application, costs, course offerings, and more.

Upcoming 2014-15 and 2015-16 International Study Tours

Location Trip Dates Department Contact
Rwanda 09/19/14 – 09/30/14 Psychology Department
France/Morocco 12/29/14 – 01/07/15 College of General Studies
Jamaica 01/05/15 – 01/10/15 School of Education
Ecuador 03/05/15 – 03/13/15 Seminary
England 03/10/15 – 03/19/15 College of General Studies
Germany/Switz. 05/06/15 – 05/14/15 College of General Studies
England/France 05/10/15 – 05/21/15 College of General Studies
Guatemala 05/10-15 – 07/05/15 English & Modern Lang.
France/Spain 05/12/15 – 05/21/15 Family & Consumer Sciences
Italy 05/13/15 – 05/22/15 School of Education
Israel 05/15/15 – 05/26/15 Seminary
Turkey/Patmos 05/17/15 – 05/27/15 School of Religion
Ireland/Scotland 05/15/16 – 05/25/16 College of General Studies
Israel 06/02/16 – 06/10/16 History Department

Please note: If you are already enrolled at the maximum credits for full time status during the term of the study tour, you will need to consider adjusting your schedule or will need to appeal to the Registrar’s Office if you are within the required GPA level for overload approval.