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Study Tours

What is a Study Tour? 

Liberty University offers a variety of study tours that last anywhere between one week or 10-days to a few weeks. These trips offer a variety of academic and professional benefits to both the resident and online learner. Students in an undergraduate or graduate program can receive course credit through these short-term abroad programs while learning under the instruction of one of our resident faculty members. Please use the below contacts to gain information about each trip along with an application, costs, course offerings, and more.

Upcoming 2013-14 Study Tours

Location Trip Dates Department Contact
Ireland/England 05/11/14 – 05/19/14 College of General Studies
Italy/Greece 05/11/14 – 05/23/14 College of General Studies
Greece 05/13/14 – 05/21/14 School of Education
Dominican Rep. 05/16/14 – 05/23/14 School of Education
England/France 05/16/14 – 05/26/14 Family & Consumer Sciences
England/France 05/18/14 – 05/26/14 Philosophy Dept./General Studies
Italy 05/28/14 – 06/06/14 Center for Counseling and Family St.
Israel 05/31/14 – 06/11/14 Liberty Theological Seminary
France 06/02/14 – 06/10/14 History Department
Israel 06/07/14 – 06/18/14 School of Religion
Italy 06/08/14 – 06/17/14 Center for Counseling and Family St.
Greece 06/18/14 – 06/24/14 School of Religion
Italy 06/19/14 – 06/28/14 Center for Counseling and Family St.
Greece 06/25/14 – 07/04/14 Center for Counseling and Family St.
Greece 07/06/14 – 07/15/14 School of Business
Russia 07/31/14 – 08/11/14 College of General Studies


Please note: If you are already enrolled at the maximum credits for full time status during the term of the study tour, you will need to consider adjusting your schedule or will need to appeal to the Registrar’s Office if you are within the required GPA level for overload approval.

Liberty University Abroad Summer 2014 Study Tours

The following information is in regards to the Counseling and Business trips listed directly below.

Rome, Italy: May 28 - June 28, 2014 (three 10-day study tours between these dates, see below)
Athens, Greece: June 25 - July 16, 2014 (two 10-day study tours between these dates, see below)
* Each of these 10-day study tours are open to resident and online, undergraduate and graduate students who apply.

  • Dates, Department, and Courses (Applications below under Required Forms). Please note the Study Abroad Office will enroll students into their course after acceptance. Students cannot enroll through Academic Advising or through ASIST. The below courses do not show up in ASIST:
    • Rome: May 28- June 6, 2014 (Center for Counseling and Family Studies COUN 512)
    • Rome: June 8-17, 2014 (Center for Counseling and Family Studies COUN 505)
    • Rome: June 19-28, 2014 (Center for Counseling and Family Studies COUN 667)
    • Athens: June 25 - July 4, 2014 (Center for Counseling and Family Studies COUN 667)
    • Athens: July 6-15, 2014 (School of Business BUSI 342, BUSI 497, BUSI 642, BUSI 697)
      • Students may choose one of the following courses:
        • BUSI 342 – Human Resource Management
        • BUSI 497 – Special Topics: European Union & Human Resource Management
        • BUSI 642 – Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management
        • BUSI 697 – Special Topics: European Union & Human Resource Management
  • Sightseeing/Itinerary: Each of these trips offers a unique opportunity to travel around and learn about the city and its history while engaging in course work. Below is a general list of what will be seen and visited during your 10-day study tour. Each trip also allows for free time to explore the city on your own.
    • Rome: Piazza Garibaldi, Colosseum and Forum, San Clemente, Pantheon, Catacombs, St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican and Museum, Borghese Art Gallery, and more.
    • Athens: Acropolis and Museum, Mars Hill, Agora and National Museum, Greek Church Tour, and more, with an optional Corinth, Olympia, Mycenae, and Andros Island trip.
  • Price: Trip fee* will be paid through an online LU payment portal with two or three non-refundable payment deadlines. This fee will cover airport shuttles, all group in-country excursions, transportation, lodging, international health/travel insurance, tour guides, a light breakfast, and more. Participants are welcome to pay their non-refundable fee in full if desired. - (excludes round-trip airfare, course tuition, pocket expenses, lunch and dinner in Rome, or dinner in Athens):
    • Center for Counseling and Family Studies: $995.00 (Rome) or $1095 (Athens)
    • School of Business: $1295.00 (Athens)
      * This fee is not applied to your student account and cannot be paid for through Financial Check-In. Accepted students must issue trip fee payment separately.
  • Tuition: The above price does not include the cost of course tuition. A three credit hour tuition fee will be applied to your student account after being accepted and can be paid for through Financial Check-In.
  • Lodging: Students will be living in or near the heart of each city and will be staying in resident hall style buildings. Air-conditioned classroom space is also located within the same building. Students will be paired with another classmate of the same gender during the 10-day period for lodging. Rome living corridors are not air-conditioned while Athens living corridors are air-conditioned.
  • Airfare: Students will be required to make their own flight accommodations and must arrive by 6pm of Day 1 of the trip. We can connect you with a travel agent if requested. All students will be required to land into the major city airport of study by a certain date/time, which will be provided. This will allow for a shuttle service to pick up participants and bring to the lodging facility.
  • Majors: Applications for all majors accepted if above courses are on the students DCP, or can be used as an elective, and they are fully accepted into their program.
  • Required Forms: Please fill out the following Counseling (by April 20) or Business (by April 30) application and return it to the email listed on your application.
  • Questions: If you have questions about these summer 2014 Rome and Athens 10-day study tours please email