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Genesis Project

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Genesis Project opportunities are all around you. Students take place in many different ministries at many different times. 


Genesis Project is open to all Undergraduate and Graduate residential students. Spots are limited each semester so apply early!

About Us

The Genesis Project is a program that offers residential students ministry experience in their local church and/or community. The primary objective of the Center for Ministry Training’s Genesis Project is to enhance the theoretical knowledge received in the classroom with practical on-the-job experiences. Students will be able to both apply and observe many of the tools, principles, and practices learned in the classroom in a real world ministry setting. It requires a minimum of 40 hours of service per semester and grants each participant a $400 donation at the end of the semester.

How it Works:

  1. We identify Liberty students that have a desire to learn and experience what real-life ministry looks like.
  2. We provide the student with a small donation for their work during the semester.
  3. We receive feedback from the participating students and churches about their experiences.

Due Dates:

  • Applications for Fall Semester are due by October 1.
  • Applications for Spring Semester are due by March 1. 
  • Applications for Summer Semester are due by June 15


  1. Complete and submit the Genesis Project Application. 
  2. Schedule an interview with the Genesis Project Coordinator, Chad Nelson.
  3. Complete the Genesis Project Experience Feedback Form at the end of your approved semester
  4. Have your Pastor/Supervisor complete the Genesis Project Evaluation of Performance Form at the end of your approved semester